Calming / Grounding ::

:: Shaking :: Down // Up ::

:: Grounding :: Earthing + Body Percussion :: Being Tree ::

:: Shaking :: Leafquake :: Bay ::

:: Sensory Diet :: Moss

:: Sanctuary Space :: Rest Nest ::

:: Ocean Potion ::

Creative // Activating

:: Percussion :: Rain Rhythm ::

:: Integration :: Visualization :: Birds of a Feather ::

:: Fire ::

:: Moss Rorschach ::

Group Prompts

Birth to Childhood

::: Group ::: Assistive Motion :: Compression :: Shadowing & Squeezing ::


Sensing the Well : Sanctuary Space into Rain Rhythm



Breath Caress : As you breathe in imagine that the air is caressing your lungs, it wants to merge with you and be a part of you. As you breathe out, you are now the caresser, breathing love onto the surfaces around you. 


Shook? Shake ! :

Has something shaken you? Shake it off!

If you are standing bounce on the balls of your feet and let your limbs hang loose, letting gravity move them. Rotate from side to side while you bounce up and down. Shake each limb out as if you have a sticker stuck to your extremity, or you just stepped into a puddle. If you have the space to lay down, feel your water body wiggle and jiggle as you track the waves of motion from the action point of origin.  


Treehugger : as you hug a tree merge your perception, feel your roots stretching deep into the ground, and your branches reaching high for the sun, with all of the creatures living in your roots {like the mycrorhizae}, moles, squirrels, and the birds and insects living in your branches. Feel how your rootedness allows you to create a whole ecosystem of support around you. 

Partnered Prompts

Co-sighing : Breathe in and out with a partner until you sync up naturally, making your exhalation audible. You can make a simple sound of relaxation and release or you can hold a tone together { such as OM / AUM }. 


Toning : Breathe in and out with a partner until you sync up naturally, and hold a tone together on your exhalation { such as OM / AUM }. Advanced : you can find harmonies sliding up and down the scale together, or each person holding a different note / octave. 

Prompts in Progress


Birds eye view : fly through the tree tops 


Jungle playground : branches as your jungle gym {snake, monkey, jaguar, shapeshifting} :

{ bi-lateral motion uniting the two hemispheres of the brain }


Scentscape : imagining different scents while breathing in

{ scent is the oldest sense, “the only sense that bypasses the thalamus and has almost immediate access to the core cortex—including the hypothalamus, involved in the processing of new memories and associative learning. ” }


External Ecoregulation :

Weeding therapy : Getting vitamin b from soil

Water pilgrimage : swimming in cold ocean

Forest bathing : walking in forest

Scentscapes : olfaction experiences, scent anchors into relaxation

Movement meditation : find a loop you can walk on, or set a timer for half of your allotted time and turn around when your alarm goes off

Why this works : Research + Benefits + Techniques