ECORegulation :: Shaking :: Leafquake : Bay

ECORegulation :: Shaking :: Leafquake : Bay

Jote & Esco demonstrate an improvisational Leafquake shaking score.

They are shaking Bay Laurel branches which also incorporates the sense of smell into this respiratory ECORegulation.

:: Prompt :: Leafquake

Imagine yourself as a leaf blowing in the wind : how would you move? What type of leaf are you? Are you a broad oak leaf, or a narrow pine needle? How are different types of leaves caressed by the wind moved in different ways? Imagine yourself as your favorite material : how do you move in the wind ? Experiment with slight breezes, and great gusts.

Go outside and dance with the wind if you can. Use fabric and sail-like material to help you get a sense of how the wind plays with shapes.


Shaking helps discharge stress and trauma from the humanimal nervous system : let’s normalize a culture of shaking in public together so that we can transmute trauma in real-time !


Featuring : Francesco Passalacqua { }

& Jote Lamar

Videography by {{ aleXa X RAZMA }}

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