Bodywork TestiMOANials

“Razma is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers”

Troy Dayton {post bodywork session reflection}

“Receiving bodywork from Razma was a singular experience. She is impressively intuitive and perceptive, and has an intimate and instinctive understanding of the human body. She is creative and innovative and knew exactly what to do to bring me back into balance and embodied equanimity, allowing herself to be guided by my body’s needs without having to be told where to focus. She displayed a prescient knowledge of where to work before I even realized how badly those areas were in need. On top of that, she is a wonderfully uplifting person to be around. Waking up the day after my treatment with Razma, I felt exquisitely rejuvenated and energized for the first time in weeks.”


Razma’s innovative and deeply intuitive modality of body work is nothing short of transformative. They move with fluidity and grace, honing in on buried trauma that often feels inaccessible. Guided by a magnetic pull, they target sore points with kindness and a profound resolution to heal. This is their art, and gift, for those wise enough to seek it. — — Tanya

Molly Pearson

My shoulder/chest is still so loose, and there’s no pain or stiffness anymore…it’s crazy! I just can’t get over how much intense change came from a hug. I’m so grateful that I encountered you and your work – it felt like the most kismet ending to my year.”

Jessica M

Corporeal Coaching