I studied Transpersonal Somatic Therapy at CIIS and Human Development and Psychological Services at Northwestern University.

Transpersonal Psychology is the formal academic study of psychedelic therapy.

I work at the evolving edge of therapeutic touch and traditional talk therapy. I focus on incarnate integration and as a guardian angel aiding you in tuning into your own inner guide and subconscious as they speak through your soma {body}.

I am the author of ‘Guide for Guides : Ethical Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Support’, which is available through Earth Body.

passw0rd : ‘earthbodylove’

I have worked in psychedelic risk reduction for over 15 years, with over 10 years as a Burning Man Green Dot Ranger, a mental health specialty position requiring yearly training, mentorship, and vetting. I am also a Mentor to other Green Dots and those working in the field of psychedelic support. Alongside this work as a ‘Green Beret’ in festival front-line risk reduction, I have served for many years as a Lightning in a Bottle Ranger and contributed to trainings and manuals for this and other large-scale festivals. I have taught consent and psychedelic harm reduction at many major festivals and smaller gatherings including Burning Man, Lightning In Bottle, Lucidity, unSCruz : the Santa Cruz regional Burn, Imagine, and at White Bird Clinic at Oregon Country Fair. I have supported unexpected ego deaths, kundalini awakenings, redirected suicidal ideation, prevented drownings, counseled couples and polycules, and de-escalated countless scenarios in my years of service.

I have assisted, co-facilitated, and led the facilitation of ceremonial spaces for over 9 years.

I am available for mentorship and consultation work on how to make your psychological or psychedelic support practice more ethical and trauma-informed.

I am a co-founder and high priestess of Earth Body – a spiritual community accessing divinity through earth medicine and liberating our embodied nature.

passw0rd : ‘earthbodylove’

During the pandemic time of social distancing, I worked remotely on psychedelic risk reduction at immersive online events, including creating digital support protocols for Remote Burn and Bicycle Night.

As a Buckminster Fuller Institute Design Science Studio Member I created EcoRegulation – nature-based nervous system nourishment and regulation prompts to promote parasympathetic states.

I authored ‘Corporeal Consent’ to share the techniques I developed to heal complex trauma including : sexual assault, intergenerational war trauma and emotional abuse, cPTSD, emotional incest, body-focused repetitive behaviors, ecoanxiety / climate change refugee displacement, gaslighing, and domestic violence. Within this tome, I also share how to learn the language of your subconscious as it speaks through your body, embodied expression, how to know your desires and practice speaking them with grace.

I am autistic and have aided myself and others in creating supportive strategies to thrive with neurodiversity in an allistic-centered world.  

I am also a sensation play specialist, dungeon master / dominant / switch, and sexual risk reduction educator. I teach from a lens of empathetic embodied emotional literacy and therapeutic kink. You can read more about how BSDM has informed my high-integrity frameworks around consent and embodied communication in my book ‘Corporeal Consent’.

Location-wise I predominantly practice somatic and therapeutic support in person in Bolinas in West Marin where I reside.

I also regularly serve the greater San Fransisco Bay Area, including the city; the North Bay : San Rafael, Fairfax, Sausalito, Mill Valley; the East Bay : Berkely, Oakland, Emeryville, Orinda, Walnut Creek;  Silicon Valley : Palo Alto, Mountainview; the South Bay : Woodside, Portola Valley, Los Altos, Los Gatos, San Jose, Half Moon Bay, Pescadero; and the Santa Cruz mountains : Boulder Creek, Ben Lomond, Aptos.

Following in the footsteps of my Lithuanian lineage in a family of healers, I am available for house calls for additional travel consideration.

Energy Exchange :

A la carte :

My hourly rate for therapeutic support is 250 / hour.

My hourly rate for bodywork is 300 / hour.


My most popular ‘bubble’ includes a bucket of 6 hours of intention setting and integration {to be split up as suits you, can be over the phone}, and a ‘full day’ of 8 hours {up to 12 if needed} on the day of the immersive ~ for $3,000 USD – saving you $1,500 from the a la cart rate. Overnights available if you cover the rental.


I am open to discussing ‘high-care / high-touch’ bubbles that are more expansive.

Additional materials

 I welcome and do not count emails and readings into these ‘live’ hours, with the caveat that if there is a significant amount of material that I will get to it as I am able.


If finances are challenging for you, I offer weekly / monthly payment plans,.

I have philanthropic slots that can arise if I have an otherwise abundant paid caseload and the capacity.

My venmo is @xrazma

My Zelle is :

My Cashapp is : $XRAZMA

I accept Bitcoin.

Inquire about alternative arrangements such as bundles / packages for ongoing relational repatterning, availability on retainer, referrals, and work-trade via email :

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