Razma studied Transpersonal Somatic Therapy at CIIS and Human Development and Psychological Services at Northwestern University.

Transpersonal Psychology is the formal academic study of psychedelic therapy.

Razma works at the evolving edge of therapeutic touch and traditional talk therapy, focusing on incarnate integration and as a guardian angel aiding you in tuning into your own inner guide and subconscious as they speak through your soma {body}.

Razma is the author of ‘Guide for Guides : Ethical Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Support’, which is published through Earth Body Church and available through Amazon.

Razma has worked in psychedelic risk reduction for over 15 years, with over 10 years as a Burning Man Green Dot Ranger, a mental health specialty position requiring yearly training, mentorship, and vetting. Razma is also a Mentor to other Green Dots and those working in the field of psychedelic support. Alongside this work as a ‘Green Beret’ in festival front-line risk reduction, Razma has served for many years as a Lightning in a Bottle Ranger and contributed to trainings and manuals for this and other large-scale festivals. Razma has taught consent and psychedelic harm reduction at many major festivals and smaller gatherings including Burning Man, Lightning In Bottle, Lucidity, unSCruz : the Santa Cruz regional Burn, Imagine, and at White Bird Clinic at Oregon Country Fair. Razma has supported unexpected ego deaths, kundalini awakenings, redirected suicidal ideation, prevented drownings, counseled couples and polycules, and de-escalated countless scenarios in my years of service.

Razma has assisted, co-facilitated, and led the facilitation of ceremonial spaces for over 9 years.

Razma is available for mentorship and consultation work on how to make your psychological or psychedelic support practice more ethical and trauma-informed.

Razma is a co-founder and high priestess of Earth Body Church – a spiritual community accessing divinity through earth medicine and liberating our embodied nature.

During the pandemic time of social distancing, Razma worked remotely on psychedelic risk reduction at immersive online events, including creating digital support protocols for Remote Burn and Bicycle Night.

As a Buckminster Fuller Institute Design Science Studio Member Razma created EcoRegulation – nature-based nervous system nourishment and regulation prompts to promote parasympathetic states.

Razma authored ‘Corporeal Consent’ to share the techniques they developed to heal complex trauma including : sexual assault, intergenerational war trauma and emotional abuse, cPTSD, emotional incest, body-focused repetitive behaviors, ecoanxiety / climate change refugee displacement, gaslighing, and domestic violence. Within this tome, Razma also shares how to learn the language of your subconscious as it speaks through your body, embodied expression, how to know your desires and practice speaking them with grace.

Razma is autistic and has aided themselves and others in creating supportive strategies to thrive with neurodiversity in an allistic-centered world.  

Razma is also a sensation play specialist, dungeon master / pro body dom / dominant / switch, and intimacy risk reduction educator. Razma teaches from a lens of empathetic embodied emotional literacy and therapeutic kink. You can read more about how BSDM has informed Razma’s high-integrity frameworks around consent and embodied communication in the book ‘Corporeal Consent’.

Location-wise Razma predominantly practices somatic and therapeutic support in person in the North Bay.

Razma also regularly serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including the city; the North Bay : San Rafael, Fairfax, Sausalito, Mill Valley; the East Bay : Berkely, Oakland, Emeryville, Orinda, Walnut Creek;  Silicon Valley : Palo Alto, Mountainview; the South Bay : Woodside, Portola Valley, Los Altos, Los Gatos, San Jose, Half Moon Bay, Pescadero; and the Santa Cruz mountains including Boulder Creek, Ben Lomond, and Aptos.

Following in the footsteps of Razma’s Lithuanian lineage in a family of healers, they are available for house calls for additional travel consideration.

Energy Exchange :

A la carte :

Razma’s rate is 300 / hour.


Razma’s most popular ‘bubble’ includes a bucket of 6 hours of intention setting and integration {to be split up as suits you, can be over the phone}, and a ‘full day’ of 8 hours {up to 12 if needed} on the day of the immersive ~ for $3,000 USD – saving you $1,500 from the a la cart rate. Overnights available if you cover the rental.


Razma is open to discussing ‘high-care / high-touch’ bubbles that are more expansive.

Additional materials

 Razma welcomes and does not count emails and readings into these ‘live’ hours, with the caveat that if there is a significant amount of material that Razma will get to it as they are able.


If finances are challenging for you, Razma offers weekly / monthly payment plans,.

Razma also has philanthropic slots that can arise if they have an otherwise abundant paid caseload and the capacity.

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Cashapp is : $XRAZMA

Razma accepts Bitcoin.

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