Harm Reduction

Altered State Angel

by Taliesin Gilkes-Bower

X RAZMA has a 15-year career in ‘community of care’ / duty of care harm reduction & sophisticated space holding for beings in challenging altered states of consciousness as Ranger RAZBERRY {radio handle}. With training in both academic & ‘renegade’ contexts, Ranger RAZBERRY has been studying harm reduction models all of their life { …academically analyzing, ethnographically delving into/documenting, developing/geeking out on principals of, practicing catch & release in the wild, ceremonial spaceholding… }

Ranger RAZBERRY is educated in a diversity of methodologies, schools, & models both mainstream { Northwestern University, California Institute of Integral Studies } and countercultural { Zendo, Burning Man Green Dot Rangers, tea house{s}, Strangers, summer camps, private gatherings }.

Ranger RAZBERRY has taught / served in a harm reduction capacity at the following events :

LIghtning in a Bottle {4+ years}, Lucidity {3 years}, Burning Man {9 years}, unSCruz – Santa Cruz regional Burn {3 years}, HeART and SOULstice, SoulPlay, Tupperware parties {5 years}, and a plethora of smaller gatherings.

by Shadows and Curves

Ranger RAZBERRY regularly supports ceremonies, rituals, and intention setting / integration through a combination of talk therapy and deep SomaSenZ bodywork practices at their retreat center home.

Ranger RAZBERRY believes that sharing skills, suggestions, & stories from the front lines of festival social safety net weaving is the way to scaffold societal-wide change and teaches widely – reach out { x @ raz . ma } if a presentation or workshop would serve your gathering.

Ranger RAZBERRY is currently passionate about exploring how steam baths / saunas / water temples can serve as harm reduction spaces.

by Taliesin Gilkes-Bower