COVID-19 RRx Risk Reduction

We are in for months of quarantine

Official Data : Flattening the curve for the long haul

Nitrous Oxide as potential treatment

Italians share what they wish they would have known 10 days ago


Visual learners

Elderberry is contraindicated once someone is infected with COVID-19. “

Unlike the flu, elderberry is *not* recommended for COVID-19. Elderberry functions through the cytokine system, which is why it can help auto-immune problems. However, what kills you in COVID-19 is cytokine storms that end up with your body attacking your own lung tissue and bleeding into your lungs. So, taking something that helps you fight infection by waking up that system… is a risk.” –posted by a former classmate, who also says that Reishi operates in the same way…sharing because I know many people, including myself, who’ve had great luck with elderberry remedies for flus–but it definitely sounds like the wrong medicine with this virus…”
From Liz boubion

From Jenn raptor

I would be grateful for access to these papers if anyone has institutional access :

Get outside in the sun :

Most well researched article I have found so far :

People’s corona virus response group {meta organizing info & action thread}

More zoomed out view {via Delara}

Brought me to tears :

What if you thought of itas the Jews consider the Sabbath—the most sacred of times?

Cease from travel.

Cease from buying and selling.

Give up, just for now,on trying to make the world different than it is.

Sing. Pray. Touch only thoseto whom you commit your life.Center down.
And when your body has become still,reach out with your heart.Know that we are connectedin ways that are terrifying and beautiful.(You could hardly deny it now.)Know that our livesare in one another’s hands.(Surely, that has come clear.)Do not reach out your hands.Reach out your heart.Reach out your words.Reach out all the tendrilsof compassion that move, invisibly,where we cannot touch.
Promise this world your love–for better or for worse,in sickness and in health,so long as we all shall live.
–Lynn Ungar 3/11/20

If you become unwell : nurse suggestions :

{although France is saying no NSAIDs so go with the acetomenophen not the advil

Ceremony holders

Queer expansion of woom

queer expansion of womb = woom as sacred safe space of primary protection ><
To have z quality of Woomness is to hold an embodied space for vulnerability, receptivity, listening, where new forms of life, love, & creation can sprout. Wooming can be : attuning to cycles, getting soft, diving deep as ocean dancing in a drop, spaciously taking all z time needed, & giving without expectation {seeing wider that this is serving all}.
Woomz are z most sacred spaces there are in this physical incarnate form, the nexus interfacing material & spiritual. Innocence immanates / life leaps from woomz, so for them to be cared for is to care for what is coming, an investment in future freedom. Upon completion of ‘Trauma through a child’s eyes’ I viscerally realize that so much begins in z before born & in birthing : of children, creations, or concepts. Ideally what we ensoul in flesh / physicality is material manifestation of deep loving relationship.
Walking in this whirld with/as a woom does not necessitate having female reproductive organs. AnyBody can choose to carry woom space, & indeed many of z woomz I have z privilege of associating with were not assigned female at birth. .
We all need practice in holding Woomz well.
Will you protect & tend woomspace with me? How do you tend your woom?
Through Healing Harvest from Harm I am in z tender practice of opening & healing my woomz {physical, energetic, spiritual}. I welcome you to describe your woomtending methods to help guide z care & keeping {& purrrhaps sharing in right relation & respect} my woomz. .
Blessed bee.elated international womb.ins day {keeping its own schedule}. .
. 📸 @robertdomondon

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Wakinyan cane

Restoration : planting north pole of wakinyan cane >< Strengthening spine, acupuncture point of planet activated again >< backbone of Gaia, returning to reign >< Dreaming of Perkunas, playing Heyoka role now main >< Pachamama incarnate initiating into condor lineage – awareness attain >< Fully felt in my medicine, welcoming rain >< acknowledgement of essence as water & sensing skills made plain >< cracking egg open : purity in power, embodied…explain >< instructed from the following not to refrain >< hands giving blessings, tears anointing, new methodologies gain >< Singing to waters : offering healing, taking away pain >< >< >< Lithuanian lullabies hushing harmful ways, nightmares passing away in peace >< Evolution is collective, may delusions cease >< living lucid dream awake – reveling rapturous release >< Waterbodies contact, Fluid attentiveness, swim deeper – shedding sense of self in peace >< Presence in pressure, comforting the beast >< unfurrow, unfurl, guardedness cease >< Open, surrender, Release the Crease >< >< >< #wakinyan #thunder #gaia #earthmedicine #planet #biosphere #earthspirit #medicinewoman #godofthunder #heyoka #pachamama #earthguardians #gridwork #prophecy #sacred #naturespirit #elemental #waterbody #waterwoman #ascension #water #ceremony #spell #ritual #blessings #healinghands #natureheals #earthhealing #earthmedicine #naturemedicine

Have you nourished your animal today?

Humanimal ~ have you nourished your animal today? Feeding your body is more then feasting on food

< physical sustenance also includes : sleep, hydration, movement, supportive touch, and breathing deeply . < reciently a consent company collaborator complimented me with “you’re a good animal” . < this feedback emerged after being observed enagaing in my simple ‘background’ routine self care habits which include hydration, honed eating patterns, and stretching frequently (normalizing movement as we continued to dialogue regarding our business). . < this led to reflection on how contrary to the norm my tuned in body behaviors are. . < These alternative methods of self care were made possible through arduous journeys developing the personal courage to listen to my body’s communication. . < This inner listening is a deep practice when the default is uncomfortable stillness and ignoring or suppressing senate needs (or not even cultivating awareness of body needs in the first place). this contrast catalyzed the realization that our animal bodies hunger for a new culture becond the deficit default. . < { I often cause stretch and dance scenes in public that materialize around my solo somatic self care seeds } . < Along this vein of thought, and through my own path of excavating and expressing traumas in my body I created a dance massage bodywork style called SomasenZ. One of the purposes of SomasenZ is to help expand access to safe abundant loving touch. I believe having plenty of mutually satisfying platonic touch available will bring peace to this planet through reconnecting us with embodied empathy ~ cultivating compassion for our shared physicality as collective corpus mundi. I continue to deepen into the understanding that bodywork is just one application for the core practice of dilating the whole body as a sense organ of awareness. I am deeply excited to be actively accomplishing one of my major life purposes in teaching others this SomasenZ skill I have developed over a lifetime of being somatically sensitive. >< Continued in comments ><


Blessed Samhain >< all saints / martyrs >< we did not burn in vain :: Memories haunt : too many lives to name :: Medicine Keepers Slandered, Persecuted by law, Jailed in blame :
Stoned, Hung, Hunted, Systematically Slain :

ancestral wounding carries shadow sorrow & stain : & : yet knowing magic workings ov this earthly plane : = :

Body can be bound but soul none can restrain :

Healing harvest from pain :

Patterns of culture we must retrain :

Speaking plain :
Now is z time for earth tenders to reign :

Reclaiming lifestyles safe sacred sexy & sane : { In this new year all Emboding z knowledge we are one & z same } ><
📸 @danielcloughphotography


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Logo design

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi >< what message do yew spy in this anagram typography? Hint : designed for an aptly named festival in Oregon >< art brain delight challenge to form a heart mirror from this word >< created to remind each other to seek this state of relating in all interaction >< #typography #handlettering #originals #original #design #designer #handdrawntype #handdrawing #graphicdesign #logo #logomaker #inks #handcarved #stamp #stamps #stamping #rumi #anagram #visualart #visualanagram #mirror #mirrordesign #art #artist #logodesigner #logodesigns #patch #ispy #handmade


Artists & Building 180

Building 180 and Agapolis are excited to present an evening of multi-media artist showcases, featuring AB180’s third cohort of Artist in Residents.

Four talented, multidisciplinary artists have spent the last two months creating impressive works of art while living and working onsite at Agapolis. The event will involve multiple performances across the 22-acre property, including the swimming pool.


all photos {photographer selection to come later}

{RAW files available as well, please inquire}

About the Artists & Work

Johnna Arnold

Johnna is an artist, photographer, educator, and urban farmer based in Oakland, CA. Johnna’s work revolves around her interest in the infrastructure that supports our post-industrial lifestyle, and how a small, fleshy human such as herself can relate to this vast system. Her project at Agapolis, Imagination is Everything, straddles the line between photography and social practice. She is designing and building a hut to facilitate meditation exercises. After participants experience a guided meditation, she collaborates with them to capture a photo that reflects their mental state during the meditation. In an era when we are continually deluged with information, re-creating participant’s imagined spaces creates a portal for working in reverse; solidifying otherworldly ideas and unrealistic imaginations.

Taro Hattori

Taro is an installation artist and teaches at California College of the Arts, originally from Tokyo, Japan and currently lives in Richmond, CA. His recent works focus on relating sculpture and human interaction, incorporating music and/or conversations as integral parts of the creative process. In tribute to Ohlone culture, Taro’s current project is a participatory project in which the audience will be able to listen to traditional Ohlone songs while underwater in a swimming pool. He is interested in creating a poetic experience to help understand the history that lies beneath the ground and the land we live on.

Ala Mohseni

( |
Ala Mohseni was born in Tehran, Iran. His career began in the theater and then advertising, in the early 1990s, before moving on to filmmaking in 2004 with his first film “The Life” about a pioneer of Iranian cinema. At Agapolis, Ala is producing RED minus 2, an experimental multimedia performance staging based on the life of Reza Abdoh, an avant-garde Iranian playwright and director, who died of AIDS in 1995 at the age of 32. This project is the first stage of a development plan for an experimental feature-length film about Abdoh. The project will be a contemporary performance by three to five performers inspired by Iranian traditional theater genres including Ta’zieh, Takht-e Hozi, Zoorkhaneh rituals, etc.

Taliesin Gilkes-Bower

Taliesin Gilkes-Bower (
Taliesin is an interdisciplinary artist who works in video, photography, sculpture, and sound art. His work investigates how communities respond creatively to oppression and making complex invisible power structures visible. He is currently working on a project about the relationship between the DEA, CIA, dancehall, and Jamaican political violence. Entitled Orion Sound Station (17° 58′ N 76°48′ W), the project is a multichannel video, photography and sculptural sound system installation that explores the intersection of Jamaican dancehall culture and the DEA and CIA’s history of intervention into endemic Jamaican political violence. The installation also serves as a platform for live musical performances, and pre-recorded audio pieces from a globally diverse group of artists engaging complex narratives about the intersection and complexity of African and Afro-Diasporic culture with state violence.

{writeup from facebook event}


{ put your roots down : put your feet on the ground : you can hear what she says if you listen } x2 it’s the sound of the water as it moves across the stores : it’s the same sound as the blood in your body as it moves across your bones : { are you listening } x5 repeat in z round

>< >< >< Origin credit answer actively forthcoming >< >< ><

Remembering voice & sharing song spurs deep social medicine : practicing voice in choice : comfort in communication = ease of expression

>< >< ><

#heartsong #saunashare #WAplay #putyourrootsdown #medicinemusic #medicinesong #saunasong #acapella #witchsong #grounding #ecosensual #bloodwater #waterblood #campfiresong #singmore #findyourvoice #dailysingoff #singeveryday

This valentine’s day I fell in love…with my body

This valentine’s day I fell in love…with my body
A long-love felt in a new way is coming home to the remembered deliciousness of a familiar favorite flavor. Just when I thought I knew my body like the back of my hand, the truth is that I had taken a steadfast & strong relationship for granted.
This valentine’s day I fell in love with my body again, a reawakened appreciation made possible thanks to the IMBŌDHI-suit.
Previous Perspective
Before the bodysuit I was of the mindset that free movement required loose clothing, but found that the extra fabric caught on limbs, bound below bodies, tearing holes with audibly dramatic cartoonish rips. As I continued to try to expand range of motion through shrouding myself in layers, I would always have a portion of my mind concerned about the state of my garments. This segment of my mind monitored my movement, constantly adjusting to accommodate the limitation of my garb, this concerned circuitry reminding me to preserve the longevity of the fabric forms I robe myself in. This mental energy space fluctuates in size depending on the fragility & complexity of what I wear, and its evaluation consistently takes me out of the immediacy of dedicating myself completely to sensing embodied experience. For the first time in my life this voice was silenced in the IMBŌDHI-suit.

Embodiment Enhanced
This futuristic form & fabric functions as a tool for evolved embodiment. The makeup of the material allows me to slip, slide & squirm like an eel rather than sticking to surfaces, chafing, or sogging (soggy, sodden, sopping, waterlogged dragging) in the perennially pooling sweat of other textiles. The bodysuit breathes with me as I sweat, moisture rapidly evaporating and leaving me dry & spry. I am protected in my slippery smoothness, feeling my folds sailing across each other as waves in water. The seamless sensation of gliding in a bodysuit unlocks the ultimate extension of physical movement, naturally inspiring the explorative expansion of edges. Supple, I follow full-figured lines through to complete rotations rebounding upon themselves – lengthening form flowing through tips of limbs. IMBŌDHIED, I am liberated as distilled essence – a well suited somatic superhero. The bodysuit serves as an encouraging physical reminder to move – inspiring stretching through freeing flexibility in accessibility of diving low, as nothing drags on the ground even in a low squat/crotch crouch {shoutout to my Squat Squad!}.

Body Bravery
I will bashfully admit I was shy putting the bodysuit on at first and did so alone and without a mirror – for as a second skin it reveals all – there are no folds to hide behind or clever tricks of design to conceal curvaceousness. Fortunately, the stretch of the bodysuit feels like a best friend highlighting assets – slimming & supporting through squeezing to create a streamlined waveform. I felt like a dolphin being caressed by a crew of compassionate cephalopods.
The suit made me feel safe to show my whole. Sure, I still had feelings of striving for more suppleness, slenderness, tone, litheness…but the bodysuit supported me in pursuing these goals through compressive presence – enmeshed in a full body hug. The suit was an accepting and supportive shadow, enveloping me in an embrace sans lines constricting or cutting across the smooth silhouette of my sinuous shape. I was surrounded – suffused in support, cradled in the fullness of my form.
I found freedom in restriction – through gentle compression & containment the possibilities of my movement were unlocked, & suddenly new realms opened to me in liquid limitlessness of limb. Stretching in ways that would normally tear seams, in the bodysuit movement is a dream. Rediscovering my personal physical playground, I explore the movement suited to my makeup, moving in the way I am made for – writhing, wriggling, & worming around ~ entangled in a contact bodywork dance.
In my first flirtation with the bodysuit, I was initially hesitant about ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ as I am currently curvaceous. My first extended fling with the suit evaporated my fears during a marathon 12+ hour movement performance art event. As I sweated, inverted, twerked, & cavorted, all initial concerns about inadvertently flashing others & having bounding breasts or buttocks reveal themselves were banished & I bared my heart & hinie with great gusto.

Physical Philosophy
I become a different person in the bodysuit as my connection to myself, others, & my environment discovers new depths. The super-suit is a power up, & as I become activated in this attire, I unlock advanced forms of interaction & behavior. The suit is a minimalistic barrier protecting from the grabby nature of skin on skin adhesion & the social baggage of nudity. Although in this garment I am nearly naked, revealed, nonthreatening, & vulnerable, I am simultaneously shielded in my slippery suit of amor armor {love armor}.
The IMBŌDHI-suit is a woven wish – expanding potential in inner/inter-personal relating. This spell suit is a magi-vestment steering possibility in the direction of connection. Suiting up is a radical experience that lubricates the relationship between self/environment, expanding range of motion, & facilitating easeful dynamic play with others. In my suit, I am ready to perform at my peak, to adventure, to explore, & to inspire others to join me. Sharing the gift of evolved embodiment within the safety of the suit allows us to collapse the barrier between self & other while maintaining protected personal body integrity. If you are seeking evolved embodiment equipment that potentiates play & plentiful possibility, snag your soma-activation suit at