Integration Incarnate : Dress to Access : Adornment as Amplifier

Integration Incarnate : Dress to Access : Adornment as Amplifier

Beyond accompanying you in underground spaces of soul-sprouting as a guardian angel, the bulk of my therapeutic support work involves weaving the wisdom you discover into material metaphors that serve as embodied engagement // physical reminders of your insights : Integration Incarnate..To guide you in identifying your own motivational mythology, I inquire as to what colors, sensations, textures, or movements represent realizations. Then, alongside you as a stitch witch, we craft costume, somatic sigils {movement metaphors}, & environmental empowerment to engage change..I encourage you to imbue jewelry, clothing, & other easily worn objects as embodied echoes of empowering experiences or ‘power pieces’ to be worn on occasions that have a higher likelihood of being triggering // challenging..
Dress as a Work in Progress : Adornment can be Aspirational

Consider the characteristics you wish to step into – what wardrobe evokes this embodiment for you?

Do you wish to feel grounded ? Choose a heavy coat that provides weight + compression for nervous system regulation.

Do you wish to feel protected ? Choose adornment armor – such as layers or a large protruding ring.

I dress to express + coalesce community :

This handmade BrainBow is my soul in hat form. Although abnormal adornment can be vulnerable, a community has coalesced around this chapeau – friendships formed + flourished due to the inspiration the BrainBow creates. The purmissionary nature of the BrainBow supports my intention to find playtonic playmates for my shy inner child. 

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Renegade burn 2021

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