identifying nervous system dysregulation + two ways to restore balance

There are two objective physical indicators for nervous system dysregulation : 1. Looking at the back of your throat, on either side of your uvula where your tonsils are, if one side is higher than the other, you are dysregulated. 2. If the trapezius muscles {triangle from base of spine, point of shoulder and midway down the back} are at two different tightnesses. 

How to regulate and restore balance : 

A. At the base of the skull is the emergence point of many cranial nerves. Laying on your back and providing gentle pressure and movement to the point where the spine enters the brain case can help floss nerves and create space.

B. Keeping your head still and looking to a hard right until you discharge via a yawn, sigh, or swallow. Repeating looking to the left. This variation can also be done while moving the head. 

From ‘Healing power of the Vagus Nerve’ 

How do you know you are dysregulated? 

How do you regulate your nervous system? 

If you want to become an expert at reading the signals of your body and creating healthy prosocial ways to regulate yourself so you can allow your body to enter into a self healing state and access creativity and flow, reach out. 

Currently working on a comprehensive list of easeful techniques to regulate your nervous system I will release in my museletter, share / dm your email if you’d like to be added. 

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