Physical Planetary Play Prompts providing

embodied edutainment experiences of ecosystemic empathy

ECORegulation is natural nervous system nourishment. Translating the heady research of somatic psychology into playful physical prompts, ECORegulation makes the therapeutic tools of regulating the nervous system available to all. Grounded in the mountain of scientific evidence in how to create states of calm via vagal tone modulation and developmental attachment theory, ECORegulation teaches us how to practice self-sourcing soothing somatic sensations from the ecosystem. ECORegulation generates touchstones of tactile training in frequently finding our center in low-states environments to ease-fully embody this de-escalation in emergency situations.

ECORegulation is a practice of ecosystemic co-regulating via physical play prompts & phrases which expand one’s sense of self to bloom as big as beloved belonging to the biosphere. ECORegulation science pulls from polyvagal theory to promote a parasympathetic ‘rest + digest’ / ‘mate + relate’ mode – the natural fundamental foundation for the trust, intimacy, and openness that is essential for us to creatively co-evolve and thrive together.

Rough Draft of Current Play Prompts