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embodied edutainment experiences of ecosystemic empathy

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ECORegulation is natural nervous system nourishment. Translating the heady research of somatic psychology into playful physical prompts, ECORegulation makes the therapeutic tools of regulating the nervous system available to all. Grounded in the mountain of scientific evidence in how to create states of calm via vagal tone modulation and developmental attachment theory, ECORegulation teaches us how to practice self-sourcing soothing somatic sensations from the ecosystem. ECORegulation generates touchstones of tactile training in frequently finding our center in low-states environments to ease-fully embody this de-escalation in emergency situations.

ECORegulation is a practice of ecosystemic co-regulating via physical play prompts & phrases which expand one’s sense of self to bloom as big as beloved belonging to the biosphere. ECORegulation science pulls from polyvagal theory to promote a parasympathetic ‘rest + digest’ / ‘mate + relate’ mode – the natural fundamental foundation for the trust, intimacy, and openness that is essential for us to creatively co-evolve and thrive together.

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:: nature-based nervous system nourishment ~ making playful psychological wellness accessible to all ::

ECORegulation is a worldwide wellness & peace practice born of the artist-scientist incubator of the Buckminster Fuller Institute Design Science Studio + Habritual  { in co-partnership with University of California Irvine, Building 180, Burners without Borders, Grey Area, among many others }, where we Solutionaries have been working for many moons // years to design a future that nourishes all life. 

ECORegulation is an interactive + integrative portion of a broader ‘Accompaniment Academy’ teaching Spaceholding Skillbuilding { inventions from 15+ years working in psychedelic risk reduction + graduate academic study in transpersonal somatic psychology }.

ECORegulation is an embodied ecological practice of communicating directly with your nervous system to return to balance { endogenous ‘biohacking’ }. 

At heart, ECORegulation is practicing self-sourcing soothing from our surroundings via visceral experiences of in-bodied belonging to our beloved biosphere. 

ECORegulation makes whole-being wellness accessible anytime by distilling heady academic somatic psychology into playful physical prompts proven to put humanimals { us ! } into states of relaxation & resilience. 

Developed throughout a lifetime of attentively attending to those in the throes of deep transformation, ECORegulation is a grounding rod to aid those in states of emergency / challenge to find a calming center in the eye of the storm. Through harvesting & honing hard-won insights from holding others in extreme altered states of consciousness, these essential therapeutic tools // Psychological First Aid are made available to all via ECORegulation { with more detail provided in the full book / course ‘Guide for Guides : Ethical Psychedelic Spaceholding ’ as well as the comprehensive ‘Accompaniment Academy’ }

There are personal + planetary benefits to practicing ECORegulation, as ‘neurons that fire together wire together’, thus the more frequently we repeat resilience skills, the greater the ease with which we can access regulation in more turbulent times. ECORegulation is also synergistic Somatic Magic, as even just one ECORegulated soul naturally causes ripples of regulation among everyone they interact with instinctually ~ catalyzing a cascade of compassionate calming clarity across everyone they encounter.  

In the zippy zeitgeist of these transformational times, I am leaning into my evolutionary edge of sharing production in process so that you can gain the extensively researched benefits of ECORegulation immediately. My life’s purpose is making healing accessible to all via curating cathARTic containers for compassionate corporeal community. Thank you for joining in this dream. 

ECORegulation is seeking support in expanding the embodiment edutainment ecosystem we are creating. We are calling forth funders, distribution infrastructure, multimedia makers + artists inspired by the vision + prompts, and recommendations & referrals towards allies of all forms. 

Grateful to be catalyzed to collaborate on co-creating compassionate corporeal culture with you.