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Spaceholding Sanctuary Support Guide

{ Offer & Find Safe Space }

Kin Spaceholding Kin Peer2Peer

The space for those who are :

(Seeking) : a listening ear for a challenging time


(Offering) : Compassionate listening in the spirit of service and mutual aid.

Spaceholding Sanctuary is a safe space for :

Compassionate communication, emotional intimacy, dropping in, heart to heart conversations, confidentiality, sharing glows/glums {what has been lighting you up, and what is making storm clouds in your life}, mediation, reporting harmful behavior {Zoom bombing, someone making you uncomfortable, hateful speech}, being of service & help.

This is not the space for :

Hateful speech, anything illegal, expressions of sexuality towards those you are supporting.

Space Use Logistics Flow

1.       Location :

Find us on the Regenera Discord, Spaceholding Sanctuary channel via this link : 

The link in the Launchpad

or via asking the Help Desk, or any Good Samaritan who has the link to the Regenera Discord.

2.       Specificity :

Post a description in the Spaceholding Sanctuary channel in the Regenera Discord of what you are (Offering) or (Seeking) {eg. Person 1 : I am (Offering) a listening ear as a Spaceholder. I have a background in massage and meditation, so I can guide grounding exercises. Person 2 : (Seeking) I am a Journeyer seeking someone I can talk to about being stressed and overwhelmed with worry {mostly about my older parents and mortality}, I am feeling disconnected from my body. Person 3 : I am (Offering) a listening ear. I have a background volunteering in hospice care.

3.       Matching

In an ideal staffing scenario, there are 2 Spaceholding Sanctuary supporters {called Spaceholders in this context} per every Journeyer {Journeyer just meaning that they are going on an inner Journey to know themselves and their emotions better}. This is where the name ‘Peer2Peer’ comes from! Having two Spaceholders is not only a safer situation in which there are checks and balances, but that having 3 people in the space encourages more listening and pauses for contemplation as there is not the standard back and forth 2-person ‘tennis’ conversational dynamic. A team of 2 Spaceholders also allows for the Spaceholders to take short breaks to take care of their biological needs such as nourishment or using the restroom without leaving the Journeyer hanging. 2 Spaceholders can provide more perspective than 1, which ideally results in more knowledge and skills being present in the support space. The Peer2Peer support space invites you to both encourage other people who you know may match well, to ask to have someone specific work with you, or to offer yourself as a match if there is resonance between needs and skills. Once matched, the group of 2 or 3 can decide how they prefer to communicate : it might be a private Discord message, texting thread, email, video call, Zoom, or another platform everyone is familiar with. Please share that you are leaving, and if you would like a Lead to check in with you at any time. We encourage ‘leaving notes’ on the Discourse in case the person wants to come back for more support, or if you learn anything that could be helpful to the community.  We encourage sharing a few details about any of the following: what you learned, what went well, what was helpful, what you wish you would have known, and how the overall system could be improved. Please do not mention private details the Journeyer shared without their permission

A sample message thread may look like : Chris and I {Robin} are going to a private Zoom room to Spacehold Mason // {1 hour later} // Chris and Robin debriefing : we learned that having a virtual background on helped everyone not be distracted by pets walking around in the background and that it’s really helpful to have good lighting on the face to be able to read emotions and expressions. Mason was really helped by a guided relaxed breathing meditation {here is a link to the one that was our favorite}, and they may come back in a few hours just to let us know how they are doing.

Submitting such a message check-in is optional, but it helps with continuity of care, and gives us context for if someone we supported comes back when there are other Ranger Leads or Spaceholders on shift. Feedback allows us to improve our systems to serve you and our community better, thank you for contributing to our collective evolution!

4.       Capacity :

If you find you are in a complex situation that is beyond your capacity, ‘kick it sideways’ or alert a ‘Supervisor’ or Lead. As often as we have the staffing, there will be a Lead monitoring the Spaceholding Sanctuary Regenera Discord Channel. You can ask for them. In case of emergency, or lack of response on this channel {likely due to time zone differences, as most Leads are currently based in the USA – let us know if you are available for this role if you are not in the USA!}, please go to the Help Desk Discourse channel and repeat your message, and if no response there go to the Regenera Topia and repeat your message. Be sure to leave contact information if you’d like for us to follow up with you {such as an email and phone number}.

5.       Competency /Scope of Practice :

As a Peer to Peer group, we openly acknowledge that there are certain situations that a best handled by professionals with specific training – this includes any threats of harm to self or others, and any situation that you feel ‘over your head’. In these circumstances, bring a Lead into the conversation, and share the ‘Advanced Care Resource List’ below {and here as a google doc : Advanced Care Resource List}. If the Journeyer is not in the USA, please begin an internet search for the resource needed via utilizing the keywords in the ‘USA Advanced Care Resources List’ + the location – town and country of the Journeyer {eg. ‘Mental Health Crisis’ hotline + Vilnius, Lithuania}. We are grateful for those who dedicate their time to training to support those who need extra care.

Ground Rules

1.       No sexuality from the Spaceholder towards the Journeyer.

2.       Confidentiality : do not share the name, personal details, or identifying characteristics about the Journeyer or what they share with you {except in case of emergency}.

3.       If sexuality emerges from the Journeyer towards the Spaceholder, do not shame this, but redirect the energy rather than feeding it. Summon a Lead if you need support.

4.       The following are strictly forbidden {you are likely to be banned} : Hateful speech, anything illegal, expressions of sexuality towards those you are supporting.

5.       Although unlikely the following are discouraged {you may be banned} in the Spaceholding Sanctuary channel : spamming, advertising/marketing your non-Risk Reduction events or services, extensive public banter not related to Risk Reduction {the General channel is a better fit for this, or the chat box on the Virtual Burn website. You can also ask the person if they would like to go into a private chat with you to keep the Spaceholding Sanctuary channel focused and clear for those seeking and offering support}

6.       If you’re feeling ‘in over your head’ refer the Journeyer to the professionals  – share the Advanced Care Resource List

Creative ideas for connection:

1.       Sharing Rose / Bud / Thorn : Rose : is sharing something that is blooming for you, or causing you to feel like you are blooming, something beautiful and uplifting in your life. Bud : sharing something that you are gestating, working on, an ongoing project. Thorn : sharing something that is a bit pokey, causing you prickly feelings, challenge, or discomfort.

2.       Sharing Glows / Glums : Glows = sharing things that are lighting up your life, things that you are grateful for. Glums = sharing things that are the rain or thunderclouds in your life, heavy, casting a shadow.

Leads :

1.       When you go ‘on shift’ as available on the Spaceholding Sanctuary Discord, please post your availability and handle on the Spaceholding Sanctuary Discourse Thread so folx know they can reach out to you.

2.       When you go ‘off shift’ please post that you are going off comm, and the next Lead that will be replacing you if there is sufficient staff.


1.       You may also see the ‘Help Desk’ in the Launchpad Area, which is a great place to ask questions.

Additional Resources

USA Advanced Care Resource List

USA Professional Care Resource List :

Situations Beyond the Scope of Peer Support:

Suicidal Ideation {Harm to Self}

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Call 1-800-799-7233

Mental Health Crises such as psychosis or schizophrenia

National Mental Health Alliance Monday through Friday, 10 am–6 pm, ET.


Text NAMI to 741-741

Connect with a trained crisis counselor to receive free, 24/7 crisis support via text message.

Spaceholding Skill Building : Training Materials

Spaceholding Risk Reduction :

Psychedelic Spaceholding Ethics :

{ additional Spaceholding Guidebooks at bottom of ‘Psychedelic Spaceholding Ethics’ }

Version 1.1 written 2020.5.15. 3:33 am PST CA USA by 10th year BM Green Dot Ranger RAZBERRY { X RAZMA }

Thank you to Immersiverse GPS for the ‘Situations Beyond the Scope of Peer Support’ USA resources.

Please share widely. Feedback on this document eagerly encouraged and allows us to iterate and improve!

Additional future guides include {open to suggestions on what would serve} : Digital Risk Reduction Best Practices; video guide to Digital Risk Reduction; Digital Risk Reduction : what Structure and Platforms best suit Your Event and Staffing?