Spaceholding Testimonials

J + C :

“You’re so gifted Raz. 

To the extent [J] can’t know the gravity of everything that she is truly healing right now. To the same extent, you probably can’t get the gravity of the healing you are facilitating.’ 

I wanted to find a professional, someone who works with psychedelics and works with trauma and understands what the psychedelics do in the nervous system. I don’t want just a random facilitator. I want someone who understands this, who can do a really deep dive with me on what’s coming up. I’m already receiving what I am asking for. Breathing a little deeper now. I’m here. “

Rachel Visger :

In my journeys with Razma, I feel perfectly held and safe. It is apparent the years of work and love they have put into crafting a really special and nourishing experience. The level of care I have received is quite extraordinary, as is the feeling of fun and light they bring to what can be a difficult process at times. I especially love their skill in grounding you back to your intention and helping you see what is abundantly available. This is their life’s work and purpose. It is with great admiration that I highly recommend Razma to anyone who seeks this kind of medicine.

“I notice myself becoming a better person every time we interact. Thank you for being the solid, grounded, and principled expression of yourself that through your existence invites others into more integrity and alignment. In the most gentle and loving and nourishing way I’ve ever experienced

That is quite a gift that I know you have worked hard to earn. You are very powerful and wield that power with the most respect and responsibility I’ve ever witnessed.

Just want to let you know that I see you and your efforts yield results you cannot know but change the course of the world you touch. “

N. G.

Gala A :

“I feel as comfortable and relaxed with you as I am by myself. With you, I can just be ~ no filtering needed, no interpretation, no coloring, it is what it is and nothing else. Your energy does not transgress mine, nothing pulled, nothing imposed, a net-zero meeting. The rest of the world melts away, and we are in a different orbit. A bubble is generated, our own cosmology ~ casting a sphere of safety, its radius defining a container for exploration.”

Molly Pearson : “

Razma is “a gifted bodyworker I’d met before, and turned to once after a challenging experience I’d had at an edgy party.” Unexpectedly, “I gave my sorrow over to the moment, knowing that there are few people in the world more equipped to witness the fountain of tears from a near stranger.”

Carly Ko : Couples Counselling :

” Razma held space for us during a journey. I felt supported, taken care of and they were able to offer all the right material needs at the right moment. I felt like I was able to explore my journey in a safe environment with their mother- care taker presence. 

Razma has a warm and solid presence, with a gift for holding space for others and really being of service and knowing what is needed at the right moment. They have a fun, warm and non -invasive quality that allowed me to feel at home in the retreat space and in my explorations. “

G : ““As you saw, I posted my story yesterday publicly on social media. I appreciated your kind words and comments, and I want to share how much I was reminiscing back to our session which was almost a year ago now. And just how powerful and transformative that was for me and how deeply grateful I was, and am, for that time together. I was just thinking back to you saying, “You have to share your story”. And I said, “You’re right, I do!”. And its been almost a year in the making for me to try to get it ready, and process it, and get it to that place, it’s a big milestone for me personally, existentially. Its been a huge weight off my shoulder to share that publicly, who I am, in my process, which you have gotten to see a lot of. I’m really grateful and thankful for your really prominent doula-ing of that part of my life, Raz, which has been really meaningful, so thank you for that.”