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Born into a lineage of Lithuanian healers, Razma inherited a profound capacity for listening into the body’s innate wisdom. This somatic sensitivity guided Razma towards formal study in transpersonal therapy—using wisdom from expressive arts, spiritual traditions, and altered states to potentiate wholeness. With rigorous academic training from Northwestern and CIIS, 15+ years in crisis response stewarding vulnerable psychedelic journeyers, and over a decade spent forming and contributing to healing group work in intentional communities and retreat centers, Razma is richly steeped in supporting growth on the frontiers of consciousness.

Through immersion in, study of, and now mentorship to radically compassionate environments, communities, and festivals, Razma learned to translate peak states into grounded insights. Whether caring for those in the extremes of altered states or leading intimacy workshops for couples and groups, Razma makes the radical practical through somatic anchoring. Core to this grounding work is EcoRegulation: simple physical and nature-based prompts that organize and regulate the nervous system. Fusing sensation-rich rituals, hands-on nurturing touch, psychologicalsavvy and planetary wisdom through their work as High Priestess of Earth Body Church, Razma’s offerings guide you home into your body.


Razma’s graduate work focused on transpersonal somatic healing: rewriting limiting narratives through releasing patterns of tension and reactivity in the body. Techniques include guided self-inquiry, parts mapping, ancestral healing, and unwinding body trauma. As a veteran Burning Man Green Dot Ranger caring for chaotic mindstates, Razma excels at pattern-spotting and compassionately coaxing forth wisdom. For unintegrated physical/emotional wounds or unseen belief systems driving suffering, somatic therapy with Razma helps release what holds you back.


Razma’s “SomaSenZ” bodywork marries Thai massage and contact improvisation, using the whole body as a compassionate tool. This floor-based freeform dance unlocks holding patterns, realigns posture/mobility, dissolves muscle tension, and floods your system with a nurturing touch. For those familiar with common yoga or massage styles, SomaSenZ often achieves deeper core opening with less strain. Those who receive this innovative, flow-state, highly attuned form experience cradling care and the revelation of knots and constrictions that had been present throughout the whole of their remembered lives. Attunement, breath, and shared weight release what you no longer need to carry alone.


Combining emotional/somatic literacy with ethical relating tools, Razma’s workshops enliven intimate connections. Empathetically embodied exercises strengthen self-awareness, deconstruct shame, unpack relational patterns, and return Eros to the sacred. Razma holds space for clients to unravel harmful messaging, overcome blocks in expressing affection, forgive past hurts, and unlock the freedom of their full-spectrum sensual selves. Exquisite care is taken that all exploration occurs in a container of agency, autonomy, and growthful compassion.

For journeys toward unconditional self-love, unburdening trauma, deepening passionate partnerships, or inhabiting your most liberated divine sensuality, Razma is a gifted guide shining light on the way forward. With humility, humor, and tenderness born of difficult personal trials, Razma midwifes all willing to walk the path of courageous healing. Reach out to Razma when you are ready to step into a more holistic way of being.

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X RAZMA is the prolific producer of Z SomanautƧ

Z SomanautZ are radical bodyworkers collective curating platonic touch performance healing in nurturing somatic spaces