Body Domming

Do you crave complete somatic surrender?

Do you want to feel your body played like a professional instrument?

Then body domming is your dream come true.

What is a body dom?

A body dom specializes in the art of professionally conducting the orchestra of sensation in your body as their beloved instrument. Drawing from the disciplines of body handling, corporeal consent, somatic therapy, sensual wrestling, surgical bodywork, and sensation play, body domming creates a generous, compassionate contact container of high access to an exquisitely attuned embodiment expert’s physicality. Within this corporeal container, an expansive playtonic permissionary perspective encourages all participants to fully inhabit their intuition through emancipating expression without reservation – catalyzing a co-creative space of fluid, free improvisation.

Body domming is a revelatory rapturous release for those who spend most of their time trapped in their head, intellect, future, or past, for this perceptive penetration is forced presence via pressure—a movement meditation squeezing out all other stimuli to focus on the present moment at the point of contact – giving weight and waiting for the receiver to relax. The immediacy-inspiring intensity of sensation is a forcing function for increasing interoception, dilating internal sensations that were previously able to be numbed or ignored, and surfacing subconscious communications to be sorted by sentient awareness.

Through transpersonal tactile transmutations, you receive reparative experiences of rebirth, being held in a welcoming womb, cradled, and feeling cared for and nourished as an adored baby. This radical reference allows you to repattern your attachment system towards uncomplicated caregiving, moving towards meeting your needs and desires, and how ecstatically expansive you can feel in your body, empowering new perspectives for overall orientation.

This modality is also flexible enough to encompass experiences of pushing against, away, and being felt in embodied strength, anger, and other disowned emotions, sheparding you into somatic sovereignty. Through high-resolution attunement, your nervous system can finally feel the trust necessary to discharge frozen survival responses and liberate that energy that had been previously padlocked into patrolling triggers and traumas toward a greater depth of immersion in and to life as it presents in the moment.

If your nervous system is chronically in a fight / flight / freeze state, proximity to peace via a nearby regulated nervous system through touch and breath are the only reliable ways to communicate safety to pre-verbal parts. Through body domming you can bypass the wordy quagmire of social misinterpretation and finally enter into a parasympathetic state – the rest and digest, tend and befriend, and mate and relate mode that is the foundation for creativity, flow, and connection to self and other. If you are working on a convoluted issue that you are unable to solve through top-down processing, entering into this bottom-up sensate state allows access to the full wisdom and data processing capabilities of your subconscious as it speaks through the body, and can result in revelations around the solution you are seeking through feeling and freeing the foundations of your form.

Are you seeking to learn to give the experience of body domming?

Once embossed with the embodied blueprint of receiving exquisite dominance, if you desire to learn how to give this experience to others, as a switch Razma can then act as a receiver, guiding you into the nuances of how to send others into a deeply surrendered trance.

What compels you to this practice?

This work is the evolving embodied empathic edge of therapeutic touch and a realization of Raz’s calling to spiritual somatic support  – bringing you deeper into connection with your divinity, as rooted in the revelatory rapture of the real and tangible – paradise on the physical plane – a direct transmission of tender tactile teaching.

What are the left-brain logistics?

My most requested offering is 6+ hour bodywork ceremonies. My in-call session minimum is 90 minutes {strongly recommended that you leave time to extend your session, as this lengthening is consistently what occurs}. My in-call spaces currently include West Marin, San Rafael, and the Berkeley Hills. My minimum time frame for outcalls is 2 hours. I travel with compensation and confirmation of an appropriately appointed space for the full expression of this work and our well-being. I can bring the materials needed to create a somatic sanctuary but typically need to know at minimum 48-hours ahead of time for an outcall, with greater periods of time strongly preferred for grace and ease. The recommended energetic exchange rebalancing donation is 300 / hour.

How was this modality created ?

Razma has been a dancer since they could walk, in both traditional Lithuanian folk and a personal processing cathartic style their whole life, which helps them regulate their nervous system. Razma also is autistic, which means they access at minimum 30 % or more sensory stimuli then the average allistic person. This makes their existence extremely intense, and this excruciating sensitivity applied to the healing arts makes them a world-class apex healer. Razma has also been dealt a heavy hand of intersectional trauma and cPTSD – and knows what it is to process in the dark depths – this work is their wish to spare you the lengthy lonely parts of this path through attuned accompaniment and processing in pleasure. This work is Razma’s harvest from harm and is a testament to how the pain you have experienced hollows out the gourd of your being so that you can hold someone else in these same depths, and in the end this carving allows you to contain even more joy in your broad bowl. In short, Razma created the modality they needed to thrive as a somatic genius with a raw and exposed nervous system, and as a corporeal canary, you receive the consolidated wisdom as a tactile transmission.

Safety First :

You should not blindly trust anyone who calls themselves a dominant, for this is a realm where you are giving someone direct physical and psychological power over you, and there are those that do not deserve this privilege. Razma has intimately known the harm that can come from someone being in a selfish dominance headspace, and spent decades healing from this experience, so you can be assured they are wired to cautiously over-compensate through attentive attunement. Razma provides references upon request, or just ask around, their reputation precedes them 😉

Razma is currently accepting new patrons. If you are interested in exploring this apex embodied experience, email your answers to the following questions to x @ raz . ma :

How did you discover this work / what initially draws you to this work?

What embodied patterns are you seeking to shift?

What is most magnetic to you about this work?

What are you afraid of when it comes to your body?

What is your intention in exploring working together?

What is your embodied trauma / injury history and how present are these elements for you?

What helps your body feel nourished and cared for?

What are your upcoming time windows of availability for a session?

Where are you located?

Do you have a 15 foot by 15 foot space to be able to do this work in?

Are you able to travel to receive this work?

What do you wish I would have asked?