Theraputography is sacred witness documentation, a compassionate ceremony with a camera, a revelatory ritualistic rapture capture.

Within the freeing frame of unconditional liberating love behind the lens, we co-create a celebratory container of intimate integrational image-making. Enveloped by an empathetic eye, you are safe to be vulnerable, all parts of yourself welcomed, present : whether sensed in shedding sorrow, gracefully gazing in grief, or heartened into hooting by your playful purrrmissionary photographer.

You deserve to be seen + felt in your expression, no filter, un-shuttered, and together we widen the aperture of acceptance + acknowledgement of the archetypes you wish to anchor in your awareness.

Whether witnessing the death of your old self and tending the birth of your beaming becoming, affecting a collaborative character, or as an inspiration invocation to propel your projects, this co-flow will help you grow.


Reach out if you could benefit from having your beauty reflected.

I am offering this service free for BIPOC. If this resonates with you please inquire.

Otherwise, for non-BIPOC, if this catches your fancy, please be in touch, so we can discuss your desires and I can share with you my reasonable rates for this service.