Theraputography combines graduate level academic study in transpersonal somatic therapy – helping people feel comfortable in being seen, co-regulating their nervous system with mine if they are anxious, and addressing any stories about attention, care, visibility, courage, perception, identity, and safety; a 25-year history of taking photographs and video imparting deep knowledge of framing, angles, proportion, balance, and aesthetic sense, including visual metaphors and props that adorn and align the model with their desired role evocation; the intricacies of knowing what is it be in front of the camera lens as a model and how to support the body in relaxing into the inherent beauty that is already present without tension in the body, posture, or face; and the ceremonial ritual of entering a new form of yourself, shedding what hold you back from this, and evoking the spirit of how you wish to be perceived with embodied prompts.

Theraputography is sacred witness documentation, a compassionate ceremony with a camera, a revelatory ritualistic rapture capture.

Within the freeing frame of unconditional liberating love behind the lens, we co-create a celebratory container of intimate integrational image-making. Enveloped by an empathetic eye, you are safe to be vulnerable, all parts of yourself welcomed, present : whether sensed in shedding sorrow, gracefully gazing in grief, or heartened into hooting by your playful purrrmissionary photographer.

You deserve to be seen + felt in your expression, no filter, un-shuttered, and together we widen the aperture of acceptance + acknowledgement of the archetypes you wish to anchor in your awareness.

Whether witnessing the death of your old self and tending the birth of your beaming becoming, affecting a collaborative character, or as an inspiration invocation to propel your projects, this co-flow will help you grow.


Reach out if you could benefit from having your beauty reflected.