High PriestX Earth Body Temple

What do you do?

What is a High Priestess?

Underneath this you are asking, what is your purpose?

With you I strive to be the medicine of the moment, a playful purrrmissionary for embodied expression, a movement muse, the answered prayer of dreams unimagined {or undared} to be possible.

With you I seek to be a relational heartist, resonating at the freakquency of your own wholeness, ‘healing’ through holding hopeful compassionate presence that you will viscerally vibrate to the song of your soul as we sing it together in polyphonic harmony, witnessing the widening and shedding of the cocoon that had contained your catalyzing recreation, protecting your tender vulnerability aš you rearrange yourself from amorphous goo into your soaring winged form.

As your consciousness rebirth doula, I am an assistant to your natural process unfolding, another perspective, set of senses, and helpful hands providing support, scaffolding salubrious patterns learned through witnessing you and assisting at countless other births, including many of my own, often in the wilderness where there were previously no paths.

I shine a light for you on your travels, illuminating the steps before you, pointing out potholes, safe spaces to rest, and reorienting you to the north star of your intention when it becomes obscured by the dazzling distracting city lights or mists of memory. If you are open to benefit enhancement, I promote pleasure and opening towards an orgasmic birth, aš healing can be lighthearted and luscious aš well aš deep and intense.

It is a calling + an honor to accompany you as a guardian angel. May you always feel supported in your surrender to the self you strive to become.