Theraputography Testimonials

Olivia :

I have had the privilege of being photographed by Razma three times. Being photographed by Raz has been nothing short of life changing, and I do not say this lightly. Raz has an extensive and diverse background of expertise, including psychedelic space holding and their own deep and personal journey of healing, which clearly informs how they approach photography. Raz is sensitive, generous, attuned, creates a space for deep vulnerability and authentic expression (the full spectrum), and has a uniquely creative perspective. But working with Raz is not just about the amazing end product of the photographs, but the magical process. In short, Raz is a photographic doula of wholeness. Raz orchestrates a process in which a light is shed on what needs to be seen and set-free in the individual. In my experience, this has been incredibly fun, empowering, and transformational. Raz permits you to be as self-directed as you desire throughout the photoshoot, while also giving suggestions and prompts here and there. There was a different theme for each of the photoshoots I did with Razma. The theme of our first photoshoot was my kinky side. The theme of our second photoshoot was vulnerability and softness; and the theme for our third photoshoot was ‘the unappealing woman,’ a photoshoot all about embodying my sovereignty and letting go of my nice-girl conditioning. Each photoshoot has catapulted me towards greater wholeness, sovereignty, and self-actualization. As evidence, since working with Razma I have garnered the confidence to step into my purposeful work, making a career switch I’d been dreaming of doing for years. If you want to be midwifed into your next up-level, if there is a part of you that you desire to be seen in, to re-claim, and set free, if you are ready to be captured in all your glory, I HIGHLY recommend being photographed by Razma. After working with Razma, not only do I have gorgeous photos that capture who I am in a disarmingly vivid and aesthetically brilliant way, but I have more of myself. <3


Valerie Chafograck :

“Thank you dear for your generosity and care for me and Movement Liberation.
Not only Razma is incredibly gifted and professional at what they do, they are a fabulous person to work with. They are well attuned to their subject, responsive, supportive and racially sensitive. Our session was a real co-creation and I felt connected to them and all at all times. Razma asked questions that helped me embody the qualities I wanted from the shoot. I highly recommend their photography.” – Valerie Chafograck

“I felt so comfortable, held, and at ease in a space that I had been previously shy to enter because it was new to me. The creative collaboration was supportive, enjoyable, and fun. You were the perfect person to do this with.” Ross Martin Weaver