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X RAZMA pulls from their graduate academic work in transpersonal somatic psychology, expressive arts therapy, and 15+ years of psychedelic risk reduction work to teach spaceholding skillbuilding – developing + democratizing therapeutic tools + celebratory corporeal containers to hold safer spaces for trauma processing. X RAZMA strives to make healing available to all via applying this highbrow research to inventing accessible activities to create compassionate corporeal culture. 

ECORegulation is a practice of ecosystemic co-regulating via physical play prompts & phrases which expand one’s sense of self to bloom as big as beloved belonging to the biosphere. ECORegulation science pulls from polyvagal theory to promote a parasympathetic ‘rest + digest’ / ‘mate + relate’ mode – the natural fundamental foundation for the trust, intimacy, and openness that is essential for us to creatively co-evolve and thrive together.

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