Consent Covenant

We commit to attunement :

I am in constant dialogue with my inner state & needs and monitoring my potential playmates on all communication channels : non-verbally (body language), energetically, and vocally. Consent is a continuous collaborative conversation and I continue to expand my capacity to scan, express, and receive messages through my present physicality.

We commit to expression :

Communicating my boundaries and preferences early and often, I am the caretaker of my body temple. I resound with sound and corporeal communication : I am sonically unrestrained and move towards what attracts me and readjust touch for personal pleasure. In sharing my vulnerability, want, and desire, I open to the possibility of deeper intimacy (= into me I see). I am completely responsible for my well-being and if I need help meeting my needs I ask immediately (noting how I can be more personally proactive in preparing for the future).

We commit to clarity :

‘When in doubt I wait it out’ – if I am uncertain as to whether my playmate is enthusiastic (if they are in a neutral or freeze state) I take a ‘prolonged pause’ and watch for signs of body-based affirmative consent (moving towards, rising to meet) and if still unclear, verbally check in.

We commit to a community of care :

We look out for our fellow playmates, especially those with less experience – committing to keeping a compassionate eye out for their best interests. I educate others through modelling respectful relations. I honor existing connections and relationships and seek a yes before inserting myself into an active dynamic.

We commit to ‘invitation without expectation’ :

I do not hold grabby, needy energy, or pressure my playmates when conveying my desires and requests. I support openness, curiosity, and expansive exploration. I know how to safely lean into my edges to evolve in my understanding of myself. I find freedom within boundaries and am inspired to act creatively within these limits.

We commit to aftercare for self & playmates :
I caretake the bodies and spirits of those I engage with – checking in to see if I can nurture them physically with water, food, or supportive touch (a blanket, spooning, cuddling). I am open to sharing what I enjoyed / found challenging – or agree to circle back with conversation at another time.

My presence within this space represents my full reading and embodiment of the Consent Covenant and that I commit to Confidentiality : No mentioning of names of participants without their explicit consent, no pictures, no video, and no audio recording.

latest edits : 8.23.18 : consent content creatrix, X RAZMA

{ originally created as guardian of the gateway for a community playspace and updated for Heart Tribe }