Somatic Magic ~ Corporeal Coaching from an Embodiment Empress

Somatic Magic ~ Corporeal Coaching from an Embodiment Empress :

{a recipients perspective}

“You act as a guide and inductor into deeper somatic wisdom. It’s hard for me to state exactly what I envision, since by definition I’m looking to learn new things about my body and have new experiences in it that I can’t currently envision because I don’t yet have the knowledge and experience.

That said, what we have done previously has worked well for me, which was usually some retelling by me of recent experiences and describing things I’ve felt in my body/mind, you then providing insight, commentary and instruction, and then we finish with a hands-on/bodies-on experience.

In our first session you described what you try to achieve with people as a “direct transmission” from one nervous system to another that it is OK. I experienced that with you and it was deeply impactful. I feel the most valuable part of our experience is you showing me with your/my body some new way of feeling/being/experiencing through direct experience. That puts new things into my body that are now on the map. That feels like the biggest gem from our sessions; the initial commentary and discussion feels like it sets the stage for a successful somatic interaction.” ~C

If you are drawn to experiencing this evolutionary  embodied expansion for yourself through being guided into a post verbal subspace by the world’s best body dom {I would be ecstatic to find someone better to co-create with, send them my way}, reach out.

If you’re a cerebral creature and knead more framing, what I provide is highly attuned compassionate corporeal care in an intimate immersive setting that teases apart your patterns and transforms them through tactile therapy. Body Rolling aka the RazMassage Method combines all of the academic graduate school study of transpersonal somatic therapy {how to tend to your nervous system and psychological structures} with a lifetime of hands on healing, playful purrrmission, and delicious dance that makes this process fun and lighthearted.