compassionate container creation ::: somatic sanctuary spacemaking

How does it feel to experience a somatic sanctuary?

A Guide to a New Dawn

When you first cross the threshold into Razma’s sanctuary, you enter a cocoon of calm. Gone is the harsh glare of the artificed world, replaced by the warm flicker of candlelight. Your guide greets you with a cleansing of water and fire and the herbs’ earthy aroma reminds you of deep roots grounding tall oaks through storms. Already you feel the loosening of some long-carried burden. With a feather-soft touch between your scapulas, Razma guides you to a nest of pillows and settles cross-legged with attentive gaze. “Tell me where your constriction resides…” they ask, and your heart stirs like a hibernating creature sensing the first tender spring greens sprouting forth. So begins the journey homeward.

As words pour from hidden caverns within and Razma listens with patient presence, you discover capacities you didn’t know you contained. Light dawns in shadowed recesses, refreshment at being witnessed without reservation flows forth like desert rains. All the while Razma tends the cradle of your unfolding, sharing safe loving contact with deep attuned care. They remind you to breathe life into cramped spaces while reflecting back revelations that widen your sight. Bit by bit, the tethers of old traumas loosen their noose grip and tendrils of truth long-buried stirs from the fertile soil of composting challenges. When rage and anguish surge volcanic, Razma shows you how to channel the fire into fuel for rebirth rather than instruments of self-destruction. Their strong grip and honeyed tone anchor you as catharsis gives way to quiescent calm.

By session’s end, you inhabit your skin, glowing without apology. Scars shine like hammered gold, hardship transformed into hopeful inhabitance, honing into the honorable journey of the wounded healer. No part of your humanity is denied, no dream deemed unworthy of wings. Your guide’s blessing hands anoint your brow: “Go, shine your light vibrantly; the world awaits your unique medicine of the moment.” Razma has ushered you across the threshold of liminal spaces into emergence. Your feet find fresh trails toward long-held visions and your heart beats steady, unafraid of darkness. For Razma has caressed the sooty lantern of your luminescence clear with the homespun cloth of co-created meaning, guiding you to a new dawn.

When you work with Razma, you rediscover wholeness and the capacity to guide yourself home.

Surrounded Surrender

Stepping into Razma’s sanctuary feels like sinking into a mossy hot spring–the embrace of verdant vines beckoning deeper into earth’s secrets as mineral-rich waters womb you in relaxation. Each moment in their presence washes away calcified layers until supple green shoots peek out from cracks in your façade. Razma’s eyes shine dark and limpid as a moonlit forest pool, reflecting back glimmers of untapped possibility that make you suddenly ravenous for the nourishment of self-realization. Their questing hands move with the flutter-light precision of a moth mapping flower petals in Braille, reading the deepest aches and ecstasies etched into your soma. Like a bear delicately fishing for salmon, Razma coaxes squirreled-away emotions from their hiding crannies with intuitive care. Their voice rings melodic as a hermit thrush’s migratory song, carrying you over rough terrain into sunlit clearings of insight nested within your own wildness. With Razma as guide, the overgrown briar patch of behaviors that snag and scrape gives way to rolling hills and mossy dells where you can rest in your graceful beauty and pleasurable purpose. Each session layers the mycelial magic of subterranean support structures and nourishes the wisdom beneath your flowering. Until, at last, you stand sovereign in a sequoia’s steadfast strength, rooted deep yet dancing lithely toward the sun–at home in your wholeness with Razma’s nurturance nestled at your core.

From this resilient center, you stride out into the world sensing its hidden graces. In forest filtered sunlight playing ripples across the creek bed, in crows’ raucous laughter, in midnight storms that shake stars loose across the heavens–you feel felt. Once-ignored parts find fulfillment in the symphony of relationship for which you now open your ears, your hands, your heart. Living artfully emerges as soul’s native language from voicing the poetry of experience in embodiment.

On this hero’s journey toward self-realization, Razma is mentor and companion. Their compassion cups your bold becoming within safe sanctuary. In firelit darkness and dappled glade, they show you that paradise arises wherever we stand unveiled before Nature’s and our own honest hearts. Working with Razma is stepping into co-creating a wonderful world nourished by your unique medicine. Dare greatly, dear healer, for you have a guardian angel on your path with you.


By a fortunate confluence of personal passion and professional training, Razma has cultivated profound mastery in navigating and negotiating the subtle intricacies of spaceholding during altered states of consciousness. Their life-long enthrallment with the written word paired with exploratory embodiment practices was catalyzed into a galvanizing mission having survived the forge fires of many forms of trauma including sexual assault and violence, intergenerational war trauma and displacement, intergenerational emotional abuse, emotional incest, adultification, domestic violence, robbery, loss of home due to spiritual gaslighting, and being late-diagnosed autistic. Stemming from this source sowing, Razma’s all-encompassing compassion and diligent intelligence on consent and boundary upkeep has flourished to fruition and they seek to spread the seeds from their hard-won harvest of healing knowledge widely.

From their first to their most recent trainings and transformations, Razma’s emphasis in stewarding spaces of sanctuary for tender beings germinated as a special interest in therapy and deepened through holistic graduate studies in transpersonal somatic psychology. Over decades of deepening into their body’s wisdom, they nurtured their capacity to empathize on a visceral level with others through conscious movement practices and communion and contribution to cultures that dared to dream of a new dawn. Razma learned through hard-won excruciating and exquisite experiences how to know when trauma is erupting – assisting in releasing a torrent of frozen unease from the vessel in which it was entombed, to sense when joyful play appropriately alternates to tempered techniques to titrate back down to safe simplicity in co-regulation and pendulation, and to detect when hands-on work could be helpful to hold welcome space for woven wounds to unfurl. Humbly hollowed by their own experiences of intensity, Razma both has the space to hold immense experiences in self and other and summons strength from personally walking an path from healing from extreme violations and ruptures, finding faith that their role was to serve in reducing suffering so it may ebb to a sweeter slumber.

To share the support they so desperately sought, Razma penned into pregnant page their pearl received from pain to provide pathways to proceed towards peace. In this pursuit, Razma gifts us “Guides for Guides” which acts as a compass for all caretakers to navigate the tumultuous tides of expanded and emergent states. As a repository of researched recommendations, roadmaps, and stories from the frontlines of caregiving in crisis, “Guides for Guides” equips us all to face formidable futures with phronesis, empathy, and practicality. Razma conveys their concentrated craft with humility and warmth, welcoming readers to use these words as a reference treasure trove to be expanded through the lineage of all lending efforts to this living body of work.

Ready at a moment’s notice for a call of care, Razma has found their familiars among the singing sentries standing sentry on the borderlands of the possible. May Razma’s acknowledgement of agony and agency seed in us radical imagination and resilience from which to revolutionize our most cherished relationships and salubrious spaces. May we harvest Razma’s rigorous wisdom and nurture the insights of “Guides for Guides” so we may together escort each earnest explorer to their awaited awakening.


I have designed, created, stewarded, and tended to a diversity of sanctuary spaces.

Most recently in November of 2019, I was hired to design, build, staff, pack, and store a somatic nomadic sanctuary space that served 2,000 participants over the course of a 4 day overnight ‘no 4th wall’ participatory psychedelic theater immersive performance art party. This was the calm, cozy, collected space staffed 24/7 for those needing grounding and supportive presence.

I have also played the role of ‘guardian of the gateway’ introducing people into play party culture and creating consent codes to onboard participants into intimate containers.

spaceholding is holding a mind:set&setting of safety & support

compassionate container creator // meet the maker

I want you fully free // in totality : compassionate container coaxing forth your completeness ><
Open handed offering, your potent potion : proffering presence
Liberation generation as potentiating permissionary.
Thank you for this continuously compelling calling as a sensitive sacred spaceholder : holding humanity in transformation & integration is my highest honor. I am humbled to be seen & summoned as midwife witness by you as you are ready to journey into yourself.
Thank you for sending so many my way so that new patterns & emotions can emerge expressed in this evolutionary epoch.
Thank you for coming to me, surrendering in sensing my authenticity & capacity and graciously giving greater glimpse & glimmer into your golden unfoldin’ :: allowing me access to all of you : shine & shadow seen.
thank you for all the emotive experiences expanding my container as wide as the whole ocean of emotion. Thank you for breaking my heart open in love, vulnerable, relaxing into rawness without closing down & calcifying into crab shell carapice. Holding open in heartbreak has exponentially expanded my capacious container confidence. These tests a testament to releasing my heart from attachment, knowing viscerally I am a vessel of non-judgemental unconditional love in the most trying trials.
Spaceholding skillbuilding is sacred & the most palpitatingly painful sensation I have ever known.
Sensitivity is strength.
Whether you seek spaciousness, sweetness, spice, or severity in spaceholding I extend my skills in service to you.
Come cozy into my container // available for group + solo sessions & on retainer.
Bless your work wide open worldwide.