Consent Educator

I offer personalized instruction, group classes, and multimedia making regarding Consent Culture.

My specialities include : non-verbal affirmative consent, somatic redirects, body-based consent, and healing from trauma through talk and touch therapy.

You can read in-depth about my personal story of healing from trauma, how to cultivate your voice, and how to read the body language of others in my ‘Corporeal Consent’ book below.

‘Corporeal Consent’ is a therapeutic tome helping cultivate consent skills : inner awareness of preferences, confident voice, and attunement to others necessary for true consent. 

I am seeking a publisher for my ‘Corporeal Consent’ Guidebook and am welcoming of connections and suggestions for editing !

Corporeal Consent book

I am also going to be turning this book into a Teaching Video Series and Workshop – if you’d like to see this work emerge ecstatically please

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