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If I could only teach one meta skill to every humanimal it would be attunement.

In giving bodywork I am attuning to the impact of my touch on the receiver. When you are using significant weight, this becomes even more crucial. Only move at the speed and depth of being able to sense your impact on the other person{s}. Start low, go slow. In bodywork someone’s attunement level is not falsifiable, unlike potentially empty words.

As an AFAB autistic raised in an intergenerational war refugee trauma / emotional abuse context I was trained to turn my hyper sensitivity to tracking the wellbeing of those around me to survive as a helpless child dependant on my caregivers. As I process from the bottom up, I am taking in an enormous set of data and forming a perspective {40 per cent more sensory stimuli then allistics at minimum, and much likely more}. This makes me unparalleled for not putting you in a box preemptively, which is much more labor and recovery for me, but results in a high definition experience of being felt and seen for you. Feeling feeling felt for the first time in your life seperate from typical knee jerk assumptions/ judgments is an experience that most have when working with me. This externally enforced sensing can cause a paradigm shift in your perspective of yourself and your ability to pursue a new pattern seperate from what has been entrenched in your experience, as there is now another being who holds the new viewpoint and is seeking data to support this.

When you share what you are working towards and how you want to be perceived I will shift my comprehensive data collection drive to finding moments where this new frame is true, and opportunities to choose a new fork in your thought or action even when the pre existing pattern is dominant. The transformation occurs in the pause, assisted by a compassionate witness who holds the vision of your preferred path.

I give what I wish to recieve, attunement.

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