Trauma-healing threads :: nervous-system regulating garments

photo  by Darren Smith

Trauma-healing threads :: nervous-system regulating garments

Our attire can be a soothing second skin that helps us nourish our nervous system via : warmth, compression, weight, texture, bilateral motion, modulating sensory stimulation, space for deep belly breaths, breathability for skin, & supporting a sense of safety.

While capitalism encourages us to procure items designed for nervous system regulation such as weighted vests // blankets + compression clothing, to be eco-responsible we can also create the same effects by layering or altering the items we already own {eg. adding a heavy liner to a favorite jacket}.

We can sew textured pockets + patches onto beloved garb to create a diverse sensory diet & we can even fill our new pouches with ancient fidget toys such as worry stones or gifts to lubricate social interactions and thus reduce social anxiety. Alterations can also create safety, for example in my SA trauma healing process, I created hidden interior pockets to hold my phone & practiced dialing 911 unseen from within my clothing by touch.

We can provide ourselves with avenues for titrating // reducing sensory input through hoods, scarves, or hats, modulating the level of stimulation based on our surroundings.

This handmade piece is called the BodyBow { after BrainBow hat…welcoming new naming suggestions!? }. The woolen warmth, compression of contour cocooning design, & empathetic engaged energy elicited from those beholding the BodyBow – all serve to regulate into rapture, revelious raiments attracting additional adventurous atelier aliens.

How do you regulate your nervous system with your clothing?


 by Darren Smith while in the midst of speaker worshipping Robot Heart ‘s #funktionone system

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