Character change via clothing

Character change via clothing

Actualizing aspiration via authoring an avatar & adorning accordingly .

In therapeutic spaceholding & incarnate integration work aiding patients in creating a character to step into supports personality // pattern change.

Conceptualizing your desired future self as a character creates the required reflective psychological distance to disentangle from your past narrative so that a new story has spaciousness to be spun.

Aka multisensory future forward narrative therapy.

This deep habit change work is most immediately integrated with repetition as ‘neurons that fire together wire together’.

Thus linking change to clothing creates a material multiplier effect via frequent physical reminders {eg. color, form, movement memories}.

Additionally, when we externalize our aspirations via our enrobed expression we exponentially expand our pool of allies to include all those we come across who witness our adornment and are altered in the manner they interact with us, or when they ask about the significance of dress and we get to verbalize our values.

This is a throwback video of my creativity doula meta character :: the movement muse.

As a Movement Muse I inspire and support you in motivational movement, magnetizing you towards your goals via embodied empowerment.

Call it body based physipsychological counseling // corporeal coaching 😉

How has your clothing helped you create change in your life?

.Video by Liliana Astiz & Kenny Hoff

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