:: Integration :: Visualization :: Birds of a Feather ::

The following is a prompt improvisation-ally coalescing the learnings of the full day of the

Design Science Studio Art Showcase ‘Making the Invisible Visible’.

This prompt integrates all of the inspiration we have received in a full body experience of empowerment. 

This prompt includes the nervous system regulation techniques of body scanning, loving attention to spaces in your body that desire care, slow proprioception, rocking, and vibrating vocalization.

:: Birds of a Feather ::

If you feel available to join me in an embodied visualization, please close your eyes, or adapt the following as is most comfortable for your nervous system. Feel free to move.

Imagine that we are all nestled together as a flock of birds in a vast body of water. we feathered friends come from all around the world, for as we have heard many times, birds of a feather flock together. 

We have gathered together for the purpose of giving flight to the vision of a regenerative world that serves all life. Feel that fluff in your feathers. May it feel good to do good. 

Stretch your wings and settle them back in, stretching again in preparation for the flight that you know is to come when the winds are welcoming, beconing into becoming. Feel free to preen your dreams into alignment so that it is easy to alight when the moment is right. 

Give your careful attention to your incredibly capable body as you flow your awareness across your full form, giving loving attention and preening to any feathers that may be a bit out of place. Give a little waggle of your tail feathers as you take your time caregiving any places that would like more attention. Take all the time you need. 

In our flock, we are finding those of us that resonate with each other in our shared songs. Feel your throat and voice open to make a relaxed call. vibrating your vocal cords to reach out to those who are waiting to hear your voice so that they can find and connect with you. Your song may change, it may be softer or louder, changing with the seasons, and know that those who are seeking you will allways find you in your song. Continue to sing as it delights you.

We, our great flock, are at peace in these waters, the waves of which come from the deep future. Let yourself begin to be moved by these waves, bobbing and rocking back and forth gently. How can we surrender to the bouyancy present in floating on the waves of change? We have felt these waves throughout the day today, in every share, every insight, causing a ripple that is travelling not just into the future, but also echoing into the current past, meeting us in the now. Feel your resonance with these ripples, revel in the relaxation that is possible allowing the waves to move you freely. 

As you continue to rock peacefully on the waves of change, stretch your wings a little bit wider now. Fluff and shake your feathers, feeling the droplets of water fall away, feeling warm and dry. You are perfectly adapted to this environment. You are at home here. 

Sense and smell the fresh air fluffing your feathers, the winds stirring in your favor. feel your wings widen to hold the whole world within your wonderful wishes. 

Whenever you are ready allow the wind to gather your strength, unfurling your wings wide as the largest sails, lifting you up into the sky effortlessly. You were made to soar. You see other birds rising to their wings with you. Delight in dancing with other birds in the sky. See the fluffy comforting clouds taking the forms that will guide your consciousness into what you will channel and create in celebration of our co-evolution. Let the sense of shared goodness inside you guide you.

Take as much time as you need here, and return whenever you would like. Fly high, fly free, and may the winds of change be ever in your favor.