::: Group ::: Assistive Motion :: Compression :: Shadowing + Squeezing ::

::: Group ::: Assistive Motion :: Compression :: Shadowing + Squeezing ::

This prompt demonstrates a group / partnered experience

 { if you are solo, you are welcome to adapt it as you desire}.

Video description :

Esco {sitting behind further from the viewer, wearing black and orange, with short black hair} gives Jote {sitting closer to the viewer, wearing blue/grey, with shoulder length blonde hair} an experience of Assistive Motion. Esco, by shadowing Jote’s motions reaching out and hugging in, gently aids in supporting the motions that Jote is instigating.

 Esco then compresses Jote slow & steadily and rhythmically in alignment with Jote’s breath.

Together at rest, they then discuss the delights of being squeezed and how to be in tune with the rhythm of the receiver of the compression. 

ECORegulatory methods demonstrated : Longer exhalations than inhalations, making sound on the exhalation, toning on the exhalation, perceptive / receptive touch, receiving compression especially in attuned rhythm with the receiver’s breathing. 

{variations include : Assisted Stretching, Karl Frost’s ‘Mist moving to Magnetic Clay’ contact improvisation score}

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[ Initially silent, except for sounds of Jote breathing steadily and with long exhalations, moving into louder exhalations, and finally an audible tone upon the exhalation ]

[ Jote opens their eyes sees the viewer watching them, makes a shy sound, retracts, and hides in Esco’s arms]

Esco : You ok ? 

Jote : Yeah. Compression. COM PRES SION

Esco : on the out-breath 

[Jote : moans / sounds on the compression outbreath]

Esco : Until the sound ends then inhale 

Jote : How many adults get squeezed like that, you know? How many people get squeezed like that in general ? that’s a total pleasure to be squeezed like that, Thank you! 

Esco : mmmhmmm

Jote : [sound of enjoyment], 

i suggest doing that with your kids if they would like it. Your friends, your parents, your relatives. Just squeeze em, squeeze each other.

 [auh] And it can so impersonal, you know. What if you could just get squeezed? and it was totally safe. No strings attached. 

squeeze release, squeeze release. 

no strings attached. im seeing assembly lines of like. 


Assembly lines, it’s even in there.

 I am seeing hillsides dotted with fairies squeezing one another, happily, joyfully, candled, the whole deal.

Esco : It’s also really squeezing, listening.

Because you can easily be squeezed.   

And you’re like god i don’t want to be squeezed. 

You know? 

It can feel like too much 

But to be squeezed with the breath, 

Or to be squeezed with the person’s natural rhythm, 

that’s super key. 

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Featuring :

Francesco Passalacqua { escolacqua.com }

& Jote Lamar

Videography by {{ aleXa X RAZMA }}


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