:: Sensory Diet :: Moss

:: Sensory Diet :: MossĀ 

ECORegulation is natural nervous system nourishment. 

We can source somatic soothing from our surroundings via a Sensory Diet which includes a diversity of textures, such as the fuzz of moss.

In this video Jote demonstrates ECORegulation via direct embodied exploration of an ecosystem, touching the skin of an oak tree and caressing the mossy bark of our oak plantcestor. 

Exploring an environment with a diversity of textures stimulates our sense of curiosity and wellbeing. Create names for all the different types of textures you encounter today!

” [ Moss ] reminds me it’s good to be fluffy”

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ECORegulation is nature-rooted nervous system nourishment. Translating the heady research of somatic psychology into playful physical prompts, ECORegulation makes the therapeutic tools to regulate the nervous system available to all. Grounded in the mountain of scientific evidence in how to create states of calm via vagal tone modulation, ECORegulation teaches us how to practice self-sourcing soothing somatic sensations from the ecosystem. ECORegulation generates touchstones of tactile training in frequently finding our center in low-stakes environments to ease-fully embody this de-escalation in emergency situations. 

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hands + voice of Jote Lamar

videography by { aleXa } X RAZMA