EcoRegulation :: Grounding :: Earthing + Body Percussion :: Being Tree

EcoRegulation is nature-based nervous system nourishment. We can source somatic soothing from our surroundings via earthing – having a direct skin to soil connection with raw earth {allowing for an exchange of ions to discharge and generate balance in the body}.

This groundedness reminds us of the rootedness of a tree, and as we inhale we can pull up strength from our roots, and exhale out into the environment, realizing that we are always receiving oxygen when we breathe in, and returning CO2 and what is no longer of use to us to a larger cycle {which trees take in and turn into oxygen, creating a symbiotic relationship between us}.

In this video Francesco demonstrates EcoRegulation via direct embodied exploration of an ecosystem, promoting a varied Sensory Diet by touching the ground. Francesco also demonstrates rhythmic Body Percussion which is very regulating to the humanimal nervous system.

Coming close to the crust of the earth allows us to see that we are embedded in multiplicious webs of life all around us : from the micro to the macro, and we can relax into our role in the realm we find ourselves in as a steward of the space.

“Thank You for joining us at Being Free, Being Tree”

ECORegulation is nature-rooted nervous system nourishment.

Translating the heady research of somatic psychology into playful physical prompts, ECORegulation makes the therapeutic tools to regulate the nervous system available to all. Grounded in the mountain of scientific evidence in how to create states of calm via vagal tone modulation, ECORegulation teaches us how to practice self-sourcing soothing somatic sensations from the ecosystem.

ECORegulation generates touchstones of tactile training in frequently finding our center in low-stakes environments to ease-fully embody this de-escalation in emergency situations.

to find out more about ECORegulation and explore additional play prompts :

prompt, hands + voice of Francesco Passalaqua { }

videography by { aleXa } X RAZMA