:: Percussion :: Rain Rhythm ::

:: Rain Rhythm :: 

Eyes closing, choose a question & release answering to storm wisdom. 

Imagine you see clouds heavy with rain gathering on the horizon ~ a storm is brewing.

You feel the wind pick up, big breezes blowing the hairs all over your body, gaining strength with each gust & gail. { blow on limbs, longer out-breath then in-breath, emptying lungs to bottom of diaphragm }.

A drizzly mist rolls in, moisture merging with your dewy skin { lightly trace outline of skinosphere } 

A thick drop PLOP lands on your head { with one tip of your finger tap head, making drop sound }. 

Rain !

Another drop SLOP spots your shoulder { with one tip of your finger tap shoulder, making drop sound }.

The downpour steadily increases in intensity & frequency, gently speckling you with a fountain of freckles all over your body { with tips of fingers tickle tap in dalmatian spot patterns all over, making drop sounds }.

The rain is picking up now ~ shower drumming your skin { starting with one flat finger, start increasing pressure of tapping at your own pace ; add a finger at a time to increase impact, until you are tapping with a full open hand / palm as you prefer, making precipitation sounds }.

You see a flash of lightning, for a split-second an answer to your question is illuminated. 

Then thunder rolls, belly laughing across sky { shake yourself & belly laugh } .

You are excited to ride this storm out as long as it takes. 

Eventually you feel the rain easing up { patting, tapping getting lighter pressure }.

The wind tousles & caresses gently, & you lean face & body into breeze, quickly finding yourself dry & right as rain { blow on yourself, longer out-breath then in-breath, emptying lungs to bottom of diaphragm }. 

If you find you have any droplets left clinging, shake them off like a wet puppy dog.

Give gratitude for storm & soma for revealing the answer to your question & creating resilient relaxation via EcoRegulation.