:: Percussion :: Rain Rhythm ::

Rain Rhythm :

Close your eyes. Imagine you see clouds heavy with rain gathering on the horizon, a storm is brewing.

You feel the wind pick up, and it blows the hairs all over your body around, gaining strength. { blow on your limbs in long smooth exhalations }.

Suddenly you feel a drizzle mist roll in { lightly trace the outline of your skinosphere } 

a thick drop lands on your leg { with one light tip of your finger tap your leg }. 

It’s starting to rain !

A short while later another drop hits the top of your head { with one light tip of your finger tap your head }.

The drops increase in intensity, gently speckling you with a fountain of freckles all over your body { starting with just two tips of two fingers tap in light patterns all over your yourself }.

The rain is really picking up, and you are enjoying the feeling of it drumming your skin { starting with one flat finger, start increasing the pressure of your tapping at your own pace ; add a finger at a time to increase the impact in just the way you like, until you are tapping yourself will a full open hand / palm}.

You feel thunder rolling across the sky { shake yourself } .

You are excited to ride this storm out, and eventually you feel the rain getting lighter { reverse the process and go towards lighter and lighter pressure and remove fingers over time }.

The wind tousles and caresses you gently and you are dry and right as rain { blow on yourself with a longer out-breath then in-breath, emptying the lungs to the very bottom of the diaphragm }.

If you have any droplets left clinging to you, shake them off as though you are a wet dog.