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Elemental EcoRegulation :

Fire Freedom Offering

Elemental EcoRegulation : Fire Freedom Offering :

is a magic media sense-scape inspiring you to release what you no longer need as a fuel for the fire of your unshielded shining. Fire is the force that sublimates solid states into gaseous air, expansive, free from physicality, as your psyche will be. If you have materials accessible you are invited to journal about what you wish to release.

Otherwise, visualize what you are giving to the fire, and with an unfocused gaze, look into the flame and see what this expressive element is sharing to empower your evolution, free phoenix. Breath in the warm life-kindling power of the fire, and breath out the dark smoke of what no longer serves, stoking the flame. Allow your body to rock and undulate as your help yourself to shed old stories akin to dull snakeskin, wiggle worm yourself our of your constrictive casing chrysalis, widening your wings.

{ EcoRegulation techniques include : visualization, unfocused gaze, rocking, longer exhalation then inhalation }