Sensing the Well


EcoRegulation teaches nervous system nourishment and regulation skills.

 Sanctuary space : visceral visualization 

 Imagine yourself in wispy mist.

You allow your heart to pull you in a certain direction. You feel the tendrils of your psyche reaching out to solidify a space that you feel the most safe.

Perhaps a place in nature : what water features are nearby, what plants, animals? Are there people? Pets?  Are there any structures?  

What position does your body want to be in in this space, take that position? Is it reclining?  What body sensations do you feel here are you, tilting your head back to feel the sun or the wind on your face?

How does your body want to interact with the space?  

What colors are present?  What are you hearing?  What smells what through the air?  Was is there to taste? Why nourishment is nearby?  

This is your sanctuary space.

If you need a place to be resourced, you can always go here at any time.   

Sensing the well :  

While you are in your sanctuary space you hear water moving.

You approach the wet  sounds, and the sound of a steady underground stream grows, echoing off of the sound of stones.

This is your wellness well. The place you draw wellness from. A steady underground stream.

There are two ways to access the water, via a spiraling staircase down to the bottom, or through a bucket on a crank. And yes, this is also a wishing well that you can throw coins into, or whisper into the water your wishes.

What helps you access your well ? What lengthens your cord to get the deepest coldest freshest water on an overheated day? What landmarks help you find your way to your well even in the deepest fog?

Descend the spiral staircase or drop down your bucket into your well now.

Look into the water, what do you see in the reflection? Whisper your wishes to the water. Drink deep of your dreams. What does your water taste like? What infusion do you feel diffusing throughout your body, carried to the crescendo of every capillary.   

Rain Rhythm ::  

Eyes closing, choose a question & release answering to storm wisdom.

 Imagine you see clouds heavy with rain gathering on the horizon ~ a storm is brewing. 

You feel the wind pick up, big breezes blowing the hairs all over your body, gaining strength with each gust & gail. { blow on limbs, longer out-breath then in-breath, emptying lungs to bottom of diaphragm }. 

A drizzly mist rolls in, moisture merging with your dewy skin { lightly trace outline of skinosphere }  

A thick drop PLOP lands on your head { with one tip of your finger tap head, making drop sound }.  

Rain ! 

Another drop SLOP spots your shoulder { with one tip of your finger tap shoulder, making drop sound }. 

The downpour steadily increases in intensity & frequency, gently speckling you with a fountain of freckles all over your body { with tips of fingers tickle tap in dalmatian spot patterns all over, making drop sounds }. 

The rain is picking up now ~ shower drumming your skin { starting with one flat finger, start increasing pressure of tapping at your own pace ; add a finger at a time to increase impact, until you are tapping with a full open hand / palm as you prefer, making precipitation sounds }. 

You see a flash of lightning, for a split-second an answer to your question is illuminated.  

Then thunder rolls, belly laughing across sky { shake yourself & belly laugh } . 

You are excited to ride this storm out as long as it takes.

 Eventually you feel the rain easing up { patting, tapping getting lighter pressure }. 

The wind tousles & caresses gently, & you lean face & body into breeze, quickly finding yourself dry & right as rain { blow on yourself, longer out-breath then in-breath, emptying lungs to bottom of diaphragm }.

 If you find you have any droplets left clinging, shake them off like a wet puppy dog. 

Give gratitude for storm & soma for revealing the answer to your question & creating resilient relaxation via EcoRegulation.