ECORegulation :: Shaking : Down // Up

ECORegulation :: Shaking : Down // Up

ECORegulation is natural nervous system nourishment. We can source somatic soothing from our surroundings via shaking – Jote and Francesco demonstrate shaking / bouncing.

Rhythmic motion regulates the humanimal nervous system into a parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ state.

Video Dialogue :

Jote : “Bouncing and shaking but specifically down. Letting my body beat against my lungs. Massaging out the breath and Sounds. Opening my feet. And then there is a full on shaking [shaking edges of limbs, as though flinging water off the hands and extremities] but that can be too much, it is more invigorating. If you need to discharge [bouncing, letting neck be loose, releasing energy down rather then throwing it up/around through extremities] And then there are things you may want to throw up in the air [hands high in air]. like laughter [laughs] . ”

Francesco : “and in the moment moving around in your body and seeing what you can give over into release. what else is holding. loosens up our bodies to take different shapes”


ECORegulation is nature-rooted nervous system nourishment. Translating the heady research of somatic psychology into playful physical prompts, ECORegulation makes the therapeutic tools to regulate the nervous system available to all. Grounded in the mountain of scientific evidence in how to create states of calm via vagal tone modulation, ECORegulation teaches us how to practice self-sourcing soothing somatic sensations from the ecosystem. ECORegulation generates touchstones of tactile training in frequently finding our center in low-stakes environments to ease-fully embody this de-escalation in emergency situations.

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featuring : Jote Lamar & Francesco Passalaqua { }

videography by { aleXa } X RAZMA