COVID-19 RRx Risk Reduction

Shelter in Play : Quaranteam Bodywork

SomaSenZ demonstration

“The median incubation period was estimated to be 5.1 days (95% CI, 4.5 to 5.8 days), and 97.5% of those who develop symptoms will do so within 11.5 days (CI, 8.2 to 15.6 days) of infection. These estimates imply that, under conservative assumptions, 101 out of every 10 000 cases (99th percentile, 482) will develop symptoms after 14 days of active monitoring or quarantine.”

We are in for months of quarantine

Official Data : Flattening the curve for the long haul

Nitrous Oxide as potential treatment

Italians share what they wish they would have known 10 days ago


Visual learners

Elderberry is contraindicated once someone is infected with COVID-19. “

Unlike the flu, elderberry is *not* recommended for COVID-19. Elderberry functions through the cytokine system, which is why it can help auto-immune problems. However, what kills you in COVID-19 is cytokine storms that end up with your body attacking your own lung tissue and bleeding into your lungs. So, taking something that helps you fight infection by waking up that system… is a risk.” –posted by a former classmate, who also says that Reishi operates in the same way…sharing because I know many people, including myself, who’ve had great luck with elderberry remedies for flus–but it definitely sounds like the wrong medicine with this virus…”
From Liz boubion

From Jenn raptor

I would be grateful for access to these papers if anyone has institutional access :

Get outside in the sun :

Most well researched article I have found so far :

People’s corona virus response group {meta organizing info & action thread}

More zoomed out view {via Delara}

Brought me to tears :

What if you thought of itas the Jews consider the Sabbath—the most sacred of times?

Cease from travel.

Cease from buying and selling.

Give up, just for now,on trying to make the world different than it is.

Sing. Pray. Touch only thoseto whom you commit your life.Center down.
And when your body has become still,reach out with your heart.Know that we are connectedin ways that are terrifying and beautiful.(You could hardly deny it now.)Know that our livesare in one another’s hands.(Surely, that has come clear.)Do not reach out your hands.Reach out your heart.Reach out your words.Reach out all the tendrilsof compassion that move, invisibly,where we cannot touch.
Promise this world your love–for better or for worse,in sickness and in health,so long as we all shall live.
–Lynn Ungar 3/11/20

If you become unwell : nurse suggestions :

{although France is saying no NSAIDs so go with the acetomenophen not the advil

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