DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE{PAINT} : a habit changing art challenge

Photo by Taliesin Gilkes-Bower

Facepaint by Jess of Art Kinetica

Photo by Jess of Art Kinetica

DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE{PAINT} : a habit changing art challenge .

last shoot I worked {3/11 pre-C19 : that as yet innocent & naive time of small group art making}, I had my face professionally painted as the US Constitution by Jess of Art Kinetica.

Full face paint proved a 100% effective & expressive way of training me to not touch my face.

Seeing as the first step to breaking / altering any habit is to be aware of when & why you engage in the behavior, facepaint proved a ridiculously fun ever present reminder.

For example, in a distracted moment {complete conscious attention on running lines} my wiggy ear got itchy & I grazed it with my hand.


My typically unnoticed habit was immediately revealed to me viscerally via a dark smear of paint on my finger. This was my sole transgression all day as after that I rededicated myself to both my crew {relying on me to maintain continuity of charachter} & the communities I come in contact with.

DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE{PAINT} is an expressive art challenge for social good!

Do yourself & all those you come into contact with a service & train yourself out of the habit of touching your face which could now result in lives lost down the transmission line.

Your facepaint could be as simple as one solid color or comprehensive make up, or you can make the painting process a cathARTic daily art project expressing how you are feeling / the charachter you’d like to play that day!

You will also serve as a body billboard for those around you to not touch their faces.

If full face feels overwhelming, you can choose to focus on covering mucus membranes {eyes, nose, mouth} & surrounding areas as high priority to train yourself out of touching.

Make facepaint a daily project & post your process until you get in the habit!

Tag #donttouchyourfacepaint & #donttouchchallenge & share other creative ways you are not touching your face & etc !

Be an April Fool all month long, for group goodness sake!

Wishing you good habits via creative social pressure,






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