Have you nourished your animal today?

Humanimal ~ have you nourished your animal today? Feeding your body is more then feasting on food

< physical sustenance also includes : sleep, hydration, movement, supportive touch, and breathing deeply . < reciently a consent company collaborator complimented me with “you’re a good animal” . < this feedback emerged after being observed enagaing in my simple ‘background’ routine self care habits which include hydration, honed eating patterns, and stretching frequently (normalizing movement as we continued to dialogue regarding our business). . < this led to reflection on how contrary to the norm my tuned in body behaviors are. . < These alternative methods of self care were made possible through arduous journeys developing the personal courage to listen to my body’s communication. . < This inner listening is a deep practice when the default is uncomfortable stillness and ignoring or suppressing senate needs (or not even cultivating awareness of body needs in the first place). this contrast catalyzed the realization that our animal bodies hunger for a new culture becond the deficit default. . < { I often cause stretch and dance scenes in public that materialize around my solo somatic self care seeds } . < Along this vein of thought, and through my own path of excavating and expressing traumas in my body I created a dance massage bodywork style called SomasenZ. One of the purposes of SomasenZ is to help expand access to safe abundant loving touch. I believe having plenty of mutually satisfying platonic touch available will bring peace to this planet through reconnecting us with embodied empathy ~ cultivating compassion for our shared physicality as collective corpus mundi. I continue to deepen into the understanding that bodywork is just one application for the core practice of dilating the whole body as a sense organ of awareness. I am deeply excited to be actively accomplishing one of my major life purposes in teaching others this SomasenZ skill I have developed over a lifetime of being somatically sensitive. >< Continued in comments ><

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