Own your Throne

human furniture realm cicerone,

embodied etching, echoing epilogue, Dionysian dreamscape documenting dictaphone

corporeal ceremony, body blown in being known

begging blessing bone, supple supplicant pleading to atone

unoccupied utterances useless, despite desperate declarations depone

hollow, wise up & walk your words, do not bore me drone


revelatory resplendence is not false flash rhinestone,

feeling fells fakeness, slicing anesthetizing silicone

illuminating illustrious illusion, grave engraving, well known halftone

contributing texture, layered sensation, replete palate sown

burning binding blinders, acid acetone,

shed old coat, sprout a new roan,

flaunt flesh fur or galivant in garments self-sewn


conceive context creatrix, cultivate collaboration, collect creativity, live life returning loan

Master Manifestor, convert change copycat cultural clone

beatific bemoaning, crown disowning, time to get grown

Why postpone?

tickling funny bone chaperone

candidly communicating : choice of conformity or creating culture: reading runes thrown

trusting, knowing keys to gnosis one’s own

{ answer call : take auspices, augur, flown, divination via future primitive phone }


invitation finding edges, wholeness together hone

feeling freedom in fullness, movement musing homegrown


assume the position, prone,

perched pelvis building backbone

experience enriches, beyond gold, cryptocurrency, or leone

alone unable to activate abundant hormone, estrogen, testosterone

playing breath, baritone trombone

bare bottom, deep diaphragm dispersing foehn

compressing chest completely, carapace clear of whispering whimper, gasp, or groan

Body Domming liberation zone

obliging release, ability to access air attuning awareness, cleansing circulation cyclone

body language literate, somatic sensation rosetta stone

penetrative presence in pressure collapsing consciousness, sensing inside other, authenticity shown

wet, sweat, corporeal cologne,

drool flowing Rhone,

swimming sub spirit, carnal knowledge carnivorous morone

holding highest harmony intone, steadfast, unwavering, maternal madrone

undertone as overtone, subversive surface agone unbeknown

fooled by bawdy body, bu++ heart maiden spirit is crone

{ giving as I take it, switch to the bone }

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