“I find your touch so deeply healing. I am so in my head, I like to be in my head I think and I stay there and you force me out of it. That to me is my definition of dominance, someone who forces you out of something you want to be forced out of, with consent, It is this paradox, I can’t seem to be able to go there on my own so I give you consent to make me go there – enforced help…very transformative.”

Michael Ellsberg

“Pressure pins and compresses the consciousness into sensing, pushing all extraneous diversions away…there’s only the forever here now. It’s so simple – we just squeeze people into their bodies and they are here, there’s not bandwidth for anything else. We are running after this through all these other indirect means – this is a direct path, squeezing the body around squeezes everything else away.

Razma has found a channel – your practice of putting supernatural force on the body overloads the conscious mind. What you notice is the body wakes up deep down and emotions start to move… it’s a creature, an entity, it is the body. The body has extremely patiently been waiting there, it has no resentment about being ignored for 30 years it just starts to shift and move and if you follow the feeling as it moves, it’s an alternate path to awakening. And it’s probably the easier one. Sitting there meditating trying to still the mind for 30 years, it’s a Buddha’s bad day kind of a practice.”

Dr. Bruce Damer


“Moving with you feels like silk.” – Emerald Figueroa

“I am walking completely differently…I can feel the ground much more deeply…you went into my mind and erased middle school.” – Maya

“I always feel safe with you and come to events just because I know you will be there.” – Samsun