Michael Ellsberg

video testimonial – an Unusual Mother’s Day 2016


“x : i love your dynamic motion and how you move into the movement that expands you”

m : “you make it easy”

x : ‘aw’

m : ‘…I find your touch so deeply healing. I am so in my head, I like to be in my head i think and I say there and you force me out of it”

x : ‘it’s good to expand our sensation’

m : “that to me is my definition of dominance, someone who forces you out of our to something you want to be forced out of, with consent, it is this paradox, I can’t seem to be able to go there on my own so I give you consent to make me go there”

x: ‘yes i help you ‘

m : “no it’s not help its make”

x: ‘enforced help’

m :”exactly”

x : I’m so grateful to know you to learn so much from you to build and create with you to live the world we wish was always”