Working through a Frozen right shoulder

September 29, 2017

The body is thawing and moving, you follow the feeling and its directing its driving like human being waking up from the earth. In this life it’s the path to waking up is through there, its not through the mind at all, that’s your discovery it’s what the Buddhists are going to learn how to do, they don’t know how, they don’t know how to wake up, the body is like its own creature that moves and feels and explores, its its own timing you cant think it into being its slow and subtle, it’s not in a hurry it doesn’t appreciate being hurried, the mind tries to hurry the body the body just says ok I’m going in, you cant feel me. The body appreciates rest and time when its not being driven by the mind to do stuff like a robot. It appreciates this – this lying here. Being felt not in a hurry not being elsewhere. Being here. It’s an incredible path. So simple subtly following.

Such power emanating through the path, here now, just be here deep history going out. Deep soul, memory of place,

Dilating the present to include the past, washing it all, collapsing the waveform. It is it is. what a relief, finally, finally, reaffirming presence. It’s some delicious in the moment. There isn’t anything else

Pressure pins and compresses the consciousness into sensing. pushing all extraneous diversions . there’s a lot of extraneous diversions away. There’s a lot of extraneous diversion…away. There’s no bandwidth for it anymore. That’s right. There’s only here now. and forever. The forever here now.

The animal pushing the survival that’s the here and now the strongest now is to barely make it. Screaming pushing now. such a relief it pushes everything away, nothing even gets close, talk about therapy, there’s nothing else, the world’s gone. The world in your imagination.

Do we have permission to be here?

Yes always

Not elsewhere

We have permission to take up the space of our physicality at any time


In fact, that’s our only responsibility

I have not been here in a while, it’s good to be here.

There’s no reason to be anywhere else, at this point. This is it.


We’re home

I’m home

It’s so hard to do this through talking

I’ve been trying its why I’m writing a book for some strange compelling reason. It is challenging Hopefully it comes easier.

It’s so simply we just squeeze people into here, into their bodies and then they’re here there is no substitute for actually being here. Talking about it, this dance, squeezing out anything else, theres not bandwidth for it. It’s a simple trick, it’s very tricky

Its endlessly deep too

Running after this through all these other indirect means, so many indirect means this is a direct planning, a direct path, squeezing the body around squeezes everything else away, it’s the secret, you never need to leave, there’s this feeling of leaving this place

The beautiful thing is that you can can make it pretty highly sustainable, that’s the whole idea of the razma method I developed because its good for both people, so you can stay in it for hours sustainability

And once you can do that you can integrate and not run away its beautiful

This is my gift to share with the world, and I’m just learning how to share it in the best ways, so I welcome insights into the easiest ways to share it, the most natural ways, the most widespread ways

Having a wall to lean against, to push against, gives you superhuman powers

Using our environment as an ally,

Something about this superhuman force is so strong, its almost like a force beyond humans, and it is, and then the body is like ugh, feels supernatural

It surrenders to it

You’re supposed to push into pain but you don’t know hwo to do that yourself its very difficult

Its easier to have someone else do it

If your engaging your body to push into it there’s a part of you that’s not surrendering

// recording 2 //

Ozma razma has found a channel, your practice of putting supernatural force on the body overloads the mind the conscious mind. So, it turns it off effectively, it has to go off, because the neurons are asked to pay attention. I create the observers sphere, they call it the Atman, the Indian south Asian name. what you notice, many people wouldn’t notice so you have to interpret for them is the body wakes up deep down and emotions start to move, its not just emotions, it’s a creature an entity it is the body. it has extremely patiently been waiting there and is totally chill and it does not matter that it has been ignored for 30 years and only erupts when there is grief or something. It has no resentment about it it just starts to move, because it doesn’t have memory really, it has other kinds of memory. it starts to shift and move and if you follow the felling. That’s what I was doing the night of the burn, its always about staying totally with the feeling as it moves, and it’s in the body, and you follow the feeling, and its an alternate path to awakening. And its probably the easier one. Sitting there meditating trying to still the mind for 30 years, it’s a buddhas bad day kind of a practice. Gautama tried to do that and he couldn’t he just gave up and he became dejected and sat under the bodhi tree and almost became suicidal. A girl noticed this man and she felt his energy and so she brought him a warm bowl of milk soup which he drank and then compassion came into the body of milk soup coming and activating him and he opened. The mind had completely given up of all striving he felt he way a failure and its only when the soup hit his system that he opened. Because everything else had failed and fallen apart and gone down.

I didn’t know that

That’s how it happened

That makes so much sense

Jesus did the it other way, he backed into it it was really freaky. He did backwards.

He was already in the tryptamine space

Just naturally. Wow

I have that as well

Interesting wow

This ranging. I had profound wounding early on which forced me to create sort of a a capsule around myself separate from the universe so I could go into the universe. Because I was given up 4 months in utero, I heard the voices, and I felt the love connection go down. And I re-experienced that after using the the medicines in Peru

But I had felt my mother’s love in the womb while I was growing but then I went away it connection dropped. So, then I had to prepare there was an alternative so then I was at a fork in the road. What does a little being do when the love connection goes down. Weaving out Now what you are doing is everything has to be made by you. What happens is your consciousness such as it is at that time stats to feel around for love and connection. It goes looking around it travels even in utero you are realming. And then when you come out it splays out. And that has been your state ever since. Something like that

It puts you in your head, there must have been pain in the body from that rupture. There must have been pain when I didn’t know where pain was

I found the hard ball inside me in my twenties, the embryo that never came out. It’s on the first time that I did in Peru I did a surgical rebirthing over 10 hours. Two-nights

Back down into the cord, in embryonic state, and I had to coax it out with total attention, and love and it grew to the baby and it grew inside me and I milked the baby into a body and then we went dancing in the jungle together and we turned 14 together and we merged into one. It was really something else

This body thing that you found, if people are given the right understanding of what is going on that an entity is coming alive within them and it is the body. Follow it love it pay attention to it, that’s all they have to do. Keep breathing and pay loving attention to this thing that starts to move, this thing that is coming awake. It has no time, as you were describing as we are doing it, it is out of time. It doesn’t think about tomorrow or tests or anything. It’s completely here now, its Ram Dass’s here now. it’s an instantaneous here now. bam its happening right now it comes through the application of extraordinary force. Very tender but no nonsense. No beating around the bush. You can’t get there through a normal massage session its not a enough to turn off the monkey mind.

It’s a compassionate force, again, that’s what it’s a compassionate listening force that gives its fully attention that gives its form in the form of often pressure, the pressure of a lot of attention

A vision of the end of the cosmos. The baby being born. So, all the civilizations that have put off this problem of the collapse of the singularity decided to give it up and throw everything they had into the creation of consciousness at the cosmic level prior to the death of everything, and it would be the final death. So, they gave up everything about themselves so that there would be enough and the baby would be born

This is my first trip with Terrence

The baby as it comes into awareness it is the universe, all babies think they are the universe anyway. It is the universe and it feels gravity and its feels the extraordinary force of gravity pulling on its body and it interprets it as love. It feels comfortable. But the force is extraordinary and getting more so and it realize that it is the end is coming

It realizes it has no future. // 11:04 (will return to transcribing with more time) //