Radical Bodywork Anthology

Currently accepting applications for admission / inclusion in the Radical Bodywork Anthology.

Radical Bodywork is bodywork evolving the edge of therapeutic touch.

RadBodywork gets at the fundamental nature of therapeutic touch , and is far-reaching in its scope; it is experimental and curious in its essential nature . change, action,

  • (of surgery or medical treatment) thorough and intended to be completely curative.
  • characterized by departure from tradition; innovative or progressive.
    advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social change; representing or supporting an extreme or progressive section of a political party.
    gets at the root of healing
    Radical Bodywork is a return to the root of bodywork, discarding long-standing assumptions we start with a blank slate, reevauating entrenched paradigmes ratherthen taking them on blind faith. Radical Bodywork is thorough re-examination of the field of massage and intends to act as a curative cultural treatment in the realm of massage – curing the ills of

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