Radical Bodywork Inner-View Questions

Radical Bodywork Anthology Inner-view Questions

Answer as many as you wish. Suggestions of additions and alterations welcome.


Personal Body

  1. What is your body history (any experiences that deeply informed your body sense, eg. injury, OOBEs…)?
  2. What was your process of recognizing yourself as a body person/radical body (investing a lot of time into the body and related arts)?
  3. What brought you to bodywork?
  4. What impetus caused you to innovate? When/How did you realize your work was new?
  5. What aspects of your personal history do you surmise strongly contributed to your creation of this work?

Aspects of Personal Style / Flavor

  1. What modalities inspire your practice?
  2. How did you initially become attracted to this style?
  3. What are the cornerstones of your radbodywork practice?
  4. What are some words and phrases used to describe your work? How would you describe it to a neophyte? To a fellow radbodyworker?
  5. What keeps you creating?
  6. How is your practice evolutionary?
  7. What do you wish you would have known starting out?
  8. How can I learn this modality?


  1. What positives does getting regular radbodywork contribute to life? Any negatives (addiction)?
  2. How would you describe the current touch culture of the mainstream?
  3. What was the mainstream touch culture like in the past? Where do you see it going in the future?


  1. Describe the community surrounding this work.
  2. What would the world look like is everyone was introduced to this work?
  3. What are some things the community is doing incredibly well in? What are our growth edges?
  4. What would the most vibrant expression of the radical bodywork community look like? What is holding us from this?

Recommendations for others

  1. What do you wish everyone knew who was coming into a session with you?
  2. What can people do to prepare themselves for body literacy?


  1. Where do you see the future of your style of work heading?
  2. How would our society differ if everyone was a proficient radbodyworker?
  3. What is the future of bodywork overall (and specifically radbodywork)?

Wild Card

  1. What question do you wish I would have asked? What is your answer?
  2. If you had one wish to be granted a somatic superpower ( super skill with your body) what would you ask for?