what if I want you

song of life that wants to be

what would it take to set it free

How do I start to

Singing a start to

Let the patterns all unfold

times spirals in, growing old

way out is through

way out is through

if I trust that Fates to be

who’s the one preventing me

Over due

To over do

when your love is undefined

how do you find another kind


Deja vu

I only want you fully free

Limitless in choosing me

Pursue your purview

Pursue your pure view

Feeling gravity unroll

what would it take to be so bold

tell you I want you

Don’t mean to haunt you

What is love when it’s not grasped

In the wild not yet a path

Hirtherto brand new

Home brew the brand new

When Freedom is a point of view

What do you surrender to

Daring do

Catch 22