Trip Report

‘Trip Report’ documents a psilocybin psychedelic therapy session, giving a visceral felt experience of a guided transpersonal // somatic psychology-oriented journey, allowing you to receive an embodied sense of empathetic ethical spaceholding.

‘Trip Report’ is entheogenic edutainment helping your psychedelic journeys be safer & more supported.

This intimate psychedelic portrait seeks to increase accessibility and wisdom around supported spaceholding by sharing a raw unscripted session between an experienced guide and transparent journeyer. Trip Report seeks to destigmatize psychedelics as a potent option to consider along the healing path while showcasing how to reduce risk.

Trip Report began as film team test shots exploring the potential complexities / ethics of documenting a therapeutic psychedelic experience live {right before the pandemic put us all on pause}. Now we are eager to again pick up the thread of pursuing this timely project to document the healing process of several people throughout the intake, entheogenic experience, and integration arc of supported journeys.

We are currently seeking support with distribution of this original piece more widely so that those who could benefit from this work encounter examples of psychedelic guiding in high integrity. We also welcome support in filming the next chapter !

I continue to come out of the psychedelic closet to share many hard-won insights from 15+ years in psychedelic risk reduction + spaceholding. It is an honor and a risk to publicly reveal my longtime calling as a transformational guide in ‘Trip Report’. I strive to model possibilities and best practices for psychedelic guardianship, and am grateful to collaborate with filmmaker Taliesin Gilkes-Bower on this work { hopefully more to come }.

I am excited to continue to translate the deep wisdom of being a psychedelic guardian angel for all settings : whether solo, sitting peer to peer, or creating frameworks for ethical guiding via my book ‘Guide for Guides : Ethical Psychedelic Spaceholding’.