Transformational Spacemaking

Transformational Spaceholding

Meshing a 15+ year career in risk reduction, graduate level studies in transpersonal somatic expressive arts psychology, a lifetime of bodywork, and work creating nourishing somatic nomadic spaces, I continue to be called forth to create cocoons for cathartic consciousness transformation.

I am grateful to continue to be welcomed to assist in the gatherings and circles of others as healer-on-hand, fire-tender, song carrier, assistant, and co-facilitator.

Transformational Spacemaking

I have spent 7 years creating sanctuary spaces, ranging from permanent somatic care / cuddle zones to one day temporary psychedelic care spaces.

Most recently I was invited by a private production company to design and build a psychedelic care space with 24-hour staffing for a 4 day overnight event that served around 1,800 participants.

Together with the SomanautZ, I have been everything from shleprechaun { = shlep + leprichaun, as in one who shelps/carries squish & infrastructure to and fro} to Lead for nomadic steam baths and healing sanctuaries up and down the West coast for festivals and gatherings for 6 years.