scene : seeing seeing seen

photo by Marcela ‘Machi’ Cors

Seen seeing

feedback desire circuit
touching trembling tender tendrils tickling
broadening bandwidth splaying sensation
dewdrops of consciousness condensing at tantalizing tips
tornado tongues teasing texture :
climbing cliffs, cavernous contours bare bone
molten muscles morphing,
shedding skintight shadows
scared sacred
celebrating darkness as light

ground of trust fertile soil sprouting physicality
tender holding, petals open
flower portal, aperture spiraling wide
penetrating pillar of passion, perching
regretless receptive vessel : fantasizing feeling fullness
tenderly thrusting walls into bridges :
melting molten moving membrane

owning my unfolding
blood rushing, gushing, blushing blossoming
emboldened invitation into ceremonious cathedral
embodied enrobing enveloping, suffusing scrumptious second skin

oozing : scintillating searing syrup
drink deep nectar: promiscuous proboscis probing pressure
serpentine sunshine, pouring into porousness,
flowing holy,
wholly through holey hurt places, filling in juicy thick magnificence

unashamed ache :
hungry to feel hunger
devouring devouring
long waiting banquet
hibernation halted : ravenous : ready
beasting : feasting : tender teeth sharp sweetness
savoring sacrifice : sipping slow :
summoning seeping sea

attentive attending
listening lengthening longing
gift of presence
student surrendered to soul service

wanting to worship wantonly
wild with waiting, shaking
praying physicality
anatomy adorned, adoring altar
movement muse : inspiring
wicked wonderful worship

frolicking, folding fractals:
tender turbulence teasingly tucking turns
bloom bigger : surrender wider
open body offering

soul slipping beyond masks
de-veiling, revealing, free from fear
naked webs of nerves laid bare
appetizing anticipation : abundant ache engorging etching flow
removing residual resistance
electric energy ~ arcing auras
voluptuous voltage, keen capacity catalyzing catharsis
responsive, radiating revolutionary remembrance : channeling creation
delightful dawning of deliverance :
magnetizing emergent embrace : universal union

perpetually perceptually primed :
sensitivity summoning sense
shorn of shell, soft, pulsing, raw
relishing reveling in rapture : roaming realms
luxurious luminous lusciousness
beatific beaming ballooning, humming heart song swooning, fire belly flutter cooing
co-created consciousness ~ conjuring company infusing all in alchemy