Rock Bottom

‘Rock Bottom’

RB is a physical prayer alchemizing beauty from processing loss, a nervous system anchor for the raw awe of awareness.

RB was created between a rock & a hard place in the middle of x’s two most severe trauma anniversaries.

When dissociated, rocked to the core by debilitating grief dissolving all executive functioning, it is wise to stay safe + grounded through moving slowly + simply. RB is the strings of pearls I brought up from the depths of my submission to the polishing waves of our collective emotional ocean.

Nature is my somatic sanctuary, wide waters the rare corporeal container deep enough to imprint the embodied knowledge of how to hold the immense intensity that my personal self soothes + compassionately cradles when doing transpersonal transformational theraputic work, birthing souls into their next evolution aš a creative corporeal consciousness doula.

I am autistic, which means I have an exposed hyper-sensitive + hyper-connected nervous system. I am disabled because the dominant culture does not provide accommodations for creatures such as I, so I have to innovate structures + scaffolding for support. Of primary priority is regulating my nervous system so that I can function without burning out or shutting down into depression.

Art making is how I regulate so I want to continue to exist, transmuting private pain into collective pleasure.

In discovering art materials, I practice movement meditation, present to my somatic sensations. I regulate aš į reflect on my roles in the greater patterns in the natural world. As I immerse myself in fractal waves of wholeness, I seek holes, surrendered places of passage through what is seemingly solid & impenetrable.

Carrying these weighty wonders on long walks brings me back to my body when I am dissociating in overwhelm. Compression is regulating. Heavy work with gravity & structure is regulating. Presence in pleasurable physicality is regulating.

I have been collecting stones with holes my whole life to become holy, wholly whole.

What is life for?

I believe life is for creating new forms of giving and receiving love. I hope that this RB beauty ~ nature arranged into patterned elemental alchemy ~ inspires you into intimate incarnation on this paradise planet, catalyzing your compassionate corporeal creativity.

May we tenderly hold the beauty + weight of this world, spirit bound temporarily in matter, flowing with the lubricating motion of water, sparked by the lightning of creative fire, with the laughing tickling lightheartedness of air.

Rock Bottom is comprised of stone + wood + hemp. The RB process began in 2017 and culminated in 2023. RB exhibited at Gospel Flat Farmstand in Bolinas in July 2023.