Libertine liberated

Libertine liberated >< Sapiosexually storied ~ cerebral centerfold ~ mental magazine >< Confessing Fur yew eye have been a multi year dream :

Highest compliment from one living of sheen & preen :

Cumming from z desert eye am overflowing oasis compared to constricted canteen :

YOur expectations traditional :: ¡surprise! healing feelings unforseen

Fur eye am Modern Mary magdalene :
Teaching without preaching, movement medicine, maternal mescaline :
Purifying baleen, Bodacious Black tourmaline : >< Although in many ways eye am evergreen: {this iz becumming mEye routine :} :

Previously scared to share, words weaponized – to mEye values this iz blasphemous, obscene :

drama ~ diversionary dust ~ settling smoke screen :

Beholding yOur unfolding, now deeply seen :

Relational revelation : vulnerabile virility, quitting emotional quarantine :

Wholly human transcending cog in machine >< Scenting, Biting, woofs ~ welcome wolverine :

meeting in geometric mean, nestled neoprene :

Ravenously requesting {beatific begging} mEye to queen :

Butt before offered delights could have been :

Proximety to ravine made yew mad keen :

Thirst fur z Booty Trampoline :: Corporeal caffine :

Explosive effect culminating in scene guillotine : >< Gelatine >< {yew realize ~ wide eyes genuine surprise ~ new experiential pathways synthesize (trying mEye lifestyle on fur size)…changes cum eat seems} >< What did eye glean?

Powerfully proving as voluptuous vaccine :

Igniting insight & inspiration, kinetic kerosene :
Empowering expressing recessive receptive Gene :
physical patterns palpable prescience, potentiating genius gleams : >< Even when working whole cloth, we choose cuts & seams >< >< >< Frightened to release this, hitting a cord or a miss? {have an edgier version eye didn’t post, will release to those who want eat z most} ><

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