Integration ARTifacts

Integration ARTifacts

Integration ARTifacts are transmedia talismans imbued with the teachings of transformational experiences. Integration is immediately incorporating insights learned from elevated experiences into all aspects of life, embodying the education imparted even in the routine and mundane. 

Integration is grounding elevation. 

Integration ARTifacts increase the inclination towards integration by encoding the ethos of evolutionary experiences and emergent wisdom into moving media. We can inventively integrate our inspirations through creative acts which reinforce our dedication to new lifeways. Via encapsulating our transformative process in multimedia artworks we encourage our metamorphic momentum. Integration ARTifacts help us repattern into our new narratives, as change requires repetition, and thus we can reinvigorate our revelations through re-encountering ARTifacts made of momentous moments. 

Integration occurs in relation : not solely through changes in orientation to parts of ourselves, but also in forms of interrelation with the web of life and our humanimal kindreds. In sharing our Integration ARTifacts, our allies can aid us in actualizing our aspirations by intimately sensing our full story arc – our historical habits, witnessing our awakenings, and, in righting relation, reiterating our realizations in real-time in challenging moments. 

May Integration ARTifacts be an accountabilibuddy to our self-actualization, an aid to include others as allies, and an inspiration towards sensing and honoring the raw, vulnerable beauty of the gift of holding space for transformation.

Integration Artifacts include :

Trip Report

A breakdown Sanctuary