“As you saw, I posted my story yesterday publicly on social media. I appreciated your kind words and comments, and I want to share how much I was reminiscing back to our session which was almost a year ago now. And just how powerful and transformative that was for me and how deeply grateful I was, and am, for that time together. I was just thinking back to you saying, “You have to share your story”. And I said, “You’re right, I do!”. And its been almost a year in the making for me to try to get it ready, and process it, and get it to that place, it’s a big milestone for me personally, existentially. Its been a huge weight off my shoulder to share that publicly, who I am, in my process, which you have gotten to see a lot of. I’m really grateful and thankful for your really prominent doula-ing of that part of my life, Raz, which has been really meaningful, so thank you for that. Hope you are holding up well.”

~ G

{unprompted acknowledgement via voice memo from a Transformative Spaceholding intensive Journeyer}