eXtreme Nutrition

The eXtreme Nutrition Method Questionnaire :

Do you have any allergies/relevant medical history (e.g. allergic to bees, history of anemia / low iron) ?

Food sensitivities / restrictions (e.g. gluten-sensitive) ?

Diet styles to follow (e.g. raw, vegan, low sugar, ketogenic) ?

What types of food do you like / dislike (eg. love mushrooms, dislike eggplant, love Indian food) ?

Any eating style preferences to consider (e.g. light meal in the morning, heaviest meal for dinner, easy to prepare meal in the morning) ?

What are your ideal outcomes – do you have any nutrition goals (e.g. high level of mental alertness, weight loss, eating vegetables as every meal, feeling satiated but not stuffed) ?

States to Strive For : What are the states you are striving to access with nutrition as an aid (alert, mentally sharp, high arousal/libido, ready for physical activity, relaxed, ready for bed…)? Do you currently have difficulties accessing any of these states ?


Quantities :

How long is your preferred trail period (eg. meal or two to sample/supplies for a week/2 weeks/month) ?

Do you foresee yourself completely eating from the eXN Method or just supplementing your existing diet?

Which / how many meals do you plan on eating with the eXN Method ?

How many folks to prepare for per meal (eg. how frequently do you have guests over for lunch/dinner meetings, If you have a night you prepare a meal at cooperative housing, how many folks to nourish) ?


Learning the eXN Method – Custom Content:

Would you prefer to have prepared food delivered to you or would you like to learn the method yourself ?

If you would like to learn do you prepare your own food – what are your preferred learning methods (eg. visual, auditory, kinesthetic…) ?

If you do not prepare your own food, what learning styles does your chef prefer?


Depending on your learning preferences, we can tailor make videos for the areas of interest, preparation tips, and reminders.



eXtreme Nutrition Method

Items listed in brackets and separated by colons are ordered by most highly recommended first

Values :

Organic, ecologically responsible (vegan, local-leaning), minimizing exposure to toxins/ heavy metals, detoxifying, alkaline, low sugar, grain-free, ketogenic, allium-free, minimizing nightshades, high mental and physical performance, clean burning, probiotic, easy elimination, sprouted, soaked, alive, active enzymes, pleasurable, trusting the healing voice of the body (‘you are the authority on your own experience’), prepared in prayer / song / nourishing energy / gratitude, abundance – plenty to share, spirit of wisdom keeping / openness / teaching / learning.

All organic, ideally local farmer’s market sourced when possible, prepared fresh to maximize nutrients.


Tools :

glass pots and pans, ceramic knife (why – no leaching from metal, no lingering flavor or odors, no harmful nonstick compounds or coatings chipping off, enzymes of food preserved, can monitor cookware without removing lid to prevent burning or overheating, bakes faster, browns better, hold heat longer than other materials, aesthetically elegant to serve straight to table)


Routine :

Upon waking : coconut oil pulling for up to 20 minutes (20 minutes optimal health benefits, past which point body will begin re-absorbing toxins from oil in mouth) can oil pull while writing / analyzing dreams /  journaling in morning (alternatively can oil pull during shower or other aspects of routine)

Tongue scraping

If desiring increase in libido : Spoonful of royal jelly on an empty stomach

1 pint of pure water [ living spring water; Castle Rock water; distilled water with minerals replaced with Concentrace, CellFood; tap water run through Berkey filter with minerals replaced (pinch of salt) ]

Probiotic supplement (Inner eco shot)

Make smoothie (ingredients below)

Snacks/meals appropriate to activity level

Aim to drink a gallon of water a day – (for folx who have trouble drinking ‘just water’ see the Drinks section)

Difficulty falling asleep : Before bed : blue light filter on all screens, ideally no screens an hour before bed; magnesium topical spray – 5 sprays in crease of elbows / knees, CALM magnesium drink, or ZZZ tea blend (starting with level 1, then if still awake Level 2, then 3 ‘Knockout Kiss’)



‘Swamp Juice’ Smoothie :

smell each ingredient to see if your body is attracted to that ingredient for the day, checking in with your ‘gut reaction’

Ingredients may include : Healthforce Earth, Healthforce Greener Grasses Alkalizer, Healthforce Warrior Protein, Healthforce Vitamineral Green, spirulina, maca, mesquite, shilajit, juiced wheatgrass powder (more potent then whole leaf), Raw Reserve, moringa, Perfect Food, cacao paste/butter/nibs

Refrigerated items : bee pollen, hemp seeds, hemp oil, lifeforce probiotic,

Frozen items : Acai, wild blueberries, banana

Soak overnight : Brazil nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds (macadamia nuts)

(parasites : if you believe you may have parasites from travel working up to 1 tablespoon of diatomaceous earth in the smoothie can aid in physically puncturing worms and clearing your system of any nutritional leeches)

Blend ingredients in Vitamix with plenty of water. Chew each mouthful (allowing digestive process to begin with salivary enzymes).


Seaweed ‘Blunt’ Wraps :

–          Probiotic Green Sauce : tahini, miso, spirulina, cumin, oil (avocado is best, if on a budget sunflower or olive), (if salt desired, ume plum paste)

To decrease viscosity (less thick) : add oil, and/or Apple Cider Vinegar

–          Sprouts (fenugreek, sunflower are hearty textured and will keep well over time, eating fenugreek sprouts will make your sweat smell like maple syrup)

–          Sauerkraut (Cultured Raw Sauerkraut Super Sauerkraut Salad – ginger beet)

Leaving an inch on the end of right hand side (to fold bottom over and prevent dripping/squishing out while eating), put a thick / thin line (your preference) of mixed sauce+saukraut+sprouts, arrange 1-2 mm avocado slices along top of line, optional sprinkling with garnish – Seaweed Gomasio ( and/or organic nutritional yeast, ume plum paste ) , moisten end of Nori sheet with water to ‘glue’, fold right hand side with inch of space over to hold contents, bite & feel the might.


Alternative Sauce : tahini, apple cider vinegar, probiotic Sauerkraut juice (Farmhouse ‘gut shot’ ginger beet), whole grain mustard


Cold weather foods: all ‘raw’ food can be warmed (as long as they kept under 118, which doubles as a comfortable eating temperature) poach egg in water/miso; cauliflower pizza, mushrooms in miso broth, roasted roots (radishes, purple sweet potatoes, fennel, turnips, rutabaga, carrots), warm up water-diluted sauce with raw crackers & add chopped vegetables, plenty of teas


Desert :

cashew yoghurt plus dried fruit and nuts, bee pollen

Dates, banana, cacao, almond butter bites

Desert Smoothie:  emphasizing mesquite, maca, cacao, bee pollen, and even a little honey

Addictive Wellness chocolates


Snacks :

macadamia nuts

Sauce + cucumbers, apples

Apples/bananas with sprouted almond butter

Frozen grapes (if warm outside and wanting to cool down)

Guacamole and Flackers or Sprouted Living Intentions Crackers

Pizza (can also be a meal) : Sprouted Living Intentions Crackers Pizza Flavor, Miyoko’s creamery vegan mozzarella, dab of tomato paste on top

Coconut butter spoonful

On the go :

Gopal’s Japanese Power Wraps + cucumber or apple

Kale Chips

Love Force Bar : Fig Ginger, Chocolate Mint

Living Intentions Sprouted Crackers / Flackers +  Miyoko’s Creamery Vegan Mozzarella



Drinks :

Tea (custom blends made to fit ‘states to strive for’) including : Love potion #7, Libido Booster, Awake, Active, Focus, Nerve Tonic, ZZZ Level 1, ZZZ Level 2, ZZZ Level 3


soda substitute = juice + sparkling water (can add fresh fruit)

Probiotic elixir : kombucha, Inner-eco probiotic coconut supplement, bee pollen on top

Purple drank : gynostema, elderberries, ginger, lemon

Sprucing up water : can squeeze lemon in water for flavor or add a splash of fruit juice to still/sparkling water